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Keto Cooking

You know, I almost called this post “Cooking Fails” but they weren’t quite failures, just not what I was expecting. I had such high hopes and great expectations!

Yesterday, for part of family dinner, I decided to make a cheesecake. I mean, I’ve made several keto cheesecakes that were very good, this just wasn’t one of them. 😔

Nice crust, perfect form.

Nicely browned crust, browned perfect top-not a crack! That part I got right.

When I went to slice it, however, I knew something wasn’t right. The custard did not finish cooking or did not set up right for some reason. So the result was more like a cheesecake flavored flan with a crust lol. Definitely edible, just not cheesecake texture like you’re used to. My family was gracious and ate it up though. 🤗 I love them!

Look at that perfect top!

Next up, was today, just a little while ago, in fact. I wanted to try keto pizza. I had all my toppings, plenty of Mozzerella and cream cheese, and a huge new bag of almond flour. I chose a skillet pizza recipe. The crust browned correctly, then I was supposed to add the toppings and put it back in til they were bubbling.

Pepperoni, jalapeño, black olive pizza.

Looked perfect, was a bit of a work out to get it out of the pan. Note to self, spray the pan better!

Well, it tasted fabulous to me, yet the crust was not like a typical pizza crust. Slightly too bready for me, more like a very thin cornbread taste to me. I still ate it, sharing small bites with my fur babies as usual. 🤣

So, practice makes perfect, and id say I need to practice a bit more. Tweak a few things. Dave suggested maybe use cauliflower instead of almond flour in the dough. Rice it, squeeze it out, add my spices, and mix with the mozzarella and cream cheese.

Sounds like a winner to me, I’ll let you know, next time I try making pizza. Bonus: I have plenty of sauce made for next time! 😉


14 thoughts on “Keto Cooking

  1. Was the cheesecake suppose to sit in the refrigerator overnight? I only say that because I didn’t let my cookie dough cheesecake sit long enough. We went to cut it and everything came oozing out. So we ate with a spoon. LOL I made it again and put it in the fridge overnight.

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