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Multi-prompt Challenge 05-09-21

So, yesterday was SoCS, but I didn’t take the time to post because we were busy around here getting ready for today’s special Sunday-Mother’s Day dinner.

Today, I will write on that a little bit, then move on to today’s WOD Challenge word: Motherhood.

Back to SoCS-to my left is my side table, filled with various things like Kleenex, lip balm, a pen, coasters for drinks, and usually a bottle of lotion of some kind. Yesterday, the bottle that was sitting there is a goats milk lotion I snagged from Claudette’s house when she passed away and we were going through her stuff.

This lotion was one of my favorite’s she had around her house. She loved lotions, candles, perfumes and makeup. And jewelry!!! My, she had a lot! Mostly costume. Anyway, this lotion smells so wonderful and feels so good on. It makes me think of her every time I use it. 🤗

Claudette’s lotion she adored.

Now, that brings me to motherhood. In some ways, Claudette was like a second mother to me, especially after I lost my own. My own mother passed away when I was 55, back in 2014. Most of you who follow me or know me at all, have heard lots about my mom and our tumultuous relationship. But she was a good mom, and I miss her every day.

I wonder what my three sons would say about me if I was gone. Am I a good mother? I try to be. Did they love me? I’m pretty sure they did (do)! They want to be around, so that’s a good sign. Or do they do it out of a feeling of obligation? I hope not, I hope they truly enjoy being around. Most of them make it to Sunday dinner when they are in town. Josh comes by with his girlfriend quite a bit, whether there is food involved or not. He really wants to be here, I think we are a safe zone for him and I feel good about that. Sean and I have always had a different kind of relationship but we are growing and I feel good about that too. He is 39, so it’s about time! Lots of history there, I don’t feel like going into today. Chris is my heart, he is the baby, and he is the workhouse of all the boys, and it’s ok, they all know it and respect him for it. He comes whenever he can, but he works so much it may only be once a week…I’ll take it! He has a serious girlfriend and I don’t expect him to spend all his free time here, I’m happy if he makes Sunday dinner!

This pic was from 5or 6 years ago, my favorite shot with all three sons.

Motherhood to me is doing everything you can (and more) for your kids. You want them to stay little for so long because you know you will miss all the closeness of them letting you rock them, or hold them close in your arms. It means directing them on the right path, no matter how much they resist. Helping them achieve a moral compass, yet trying to remain cool and relevant so you can speak to them on their level. I try to keep my finger on the pulse of today’s music so we have things in common to talk about. Truth is, we have a lot of the same interests, which is awesome! I love all my boys, and I hope I’ve done a good job as their mother, that they remember me with fondness, and that they all feel truly loved!

Oh! And for the foodies, today’s menu is swordfish, shrimp, coleslaw, salad, sausage (homemade) and key lime pie for dessert!

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