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Borrowing Money 05-17-21

In the case of borrowing clothes, tools, or even a cup of sugar, it’s an easy proposition. You just return said items when you’re done using them or when you have it to return.

In the case of money, however, borrowing becomes “owing” and I don’t like that much. You’re already in a bind if you have to borrow, now you have to pay for whatever, then pay the person back you borrowed from. Same deal with credit cards. If that’s one good thing my spouse has taught me, it’s that it’s better to try and pay cash for what you want, rather than “owing” the money back that you “borrowed” from the credit card company.

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Family is a bit more lenient when it comes to borrowing. “No rush, pay me back when you can” they might say, or sometimes it is given with no expectation of getting it back. Banks and lenders don’t play that though. So for that reason, I’d rather use cash or a debit card than a credit card and leave the latter for emergencies only.

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5 thoughts on “Borrowing Money 05-17-21

  1. We took a loan from the bank when we built our house in 2005. It was such a relief when we paid back our loan. We do use the credit card of our bank but we pay back before the last date. The very thought of owing money is not to be thought of 🙂

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