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WOD Challenge 06-04-21 Not Ordinary

Yea!! I got it in in time!

Today was no ordinary day. Of course, here lately, none of them are. But today, instead of getting ready and going to my Friday volunteer job, first, I had to rescue my son’s girlfriend, who was stranded with a shredded tire BEFORE I went to work at 9am.

Josh called as I was putting on my face, before I’d had breakfast or anything else and said he needed help. I picked him up at a friends apartment, gave him the wheel and he drove us to meet his girlfriend who was waiting in a Walmart parking lot for him to come and take care of the tire.

Somehow, by the grace of God, I returned home in time to finish getting ready, eat some breakfast, and I made it to “work” on time!

On the way home, I came to a duck crossing where some ducks stopped traffic to copulate, making me think of a whole new name for the sign 🤣


Then I had lunch with my hubby, returned home after picking up his prescription, and went to check on my dad who is not doing so swell. He had not eaten lunch, so I made him a plate from our leftovers and then sat with him a while. We played two games of WWF, I did his laundry again, and before I left, I made sure he had his emergency call button on, fixed him dinner, and returned home thinking my hubby and I were going out to eat.

Wrong! He had a mess at work and got home late, so we delayed dinner out til manana. While I waited for him, I got to FaceTime with my friend, Michelle, whom I haven’t talked to in person for a long time. That was a bright spot in a stressful day, half of which I have not disclosed. Just know this is not our typical Friday night!!

Well, damn! I almost got it in on time!

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