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WOD Challenge 06-07-2021 We Just Clicked!

Good morning on this stormy Monday!

Today we are celebrating the anniversary of our 36 year long marriage!!

When people ask me our story, I tell them it was fate, but honestly, we just clicked, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, we were just meant to be!!

Unfortunately, he has a meeting tonight, however, he surprised me by scheduling some time off so we could join our good friends, Michell and Kerry, for a much-needed get away to Crystal Beach!!

I’ll take that, thank you very much! I’ve spent all morning rescheduling appointments and moving things around to make this happen. I’ll have to get my brother to stay with my dogs, and yes, other people will have to step up and help Dad out more while I’m gone. I know I can count on my family to help. I’m going to miss Father’s Day, but I will work something out.

Anyhoo, I posted a poem I wrote this morning on Facebook and shared a couple of old pics of us together. One is the one I temporarily made my profile pic, the other is with the poem. I could not remember how to grab a bunch of old pics off of Facebook and make a post with all of them, showing the changes in us over the years, so the poem had to do.

I can’t wait to get away with my main man for some R&R, so yall pray that everything falls into place and we can relax and enjoy ourselves. 🙂

I hope we keep chugging along on the love train for another 36 years, if God wills it to be! I found and saved more pics, here goes!

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