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Stream of Consciousness Saturday-Least Favorite Word

It’s six minutes to 10am and there’s a crowd waiting to get in the pool at the resort and casino.

We’re inside, sipping som coffee and waiting on our breakfast to arrive. I’m people watching and anxious to get in the pool myself, but my hubby is ready to go back to the casino I’m sure. I’m going to try and twist his arm though, if last night was any indication of how our luck is going to go.

I failed in that endeavor, yet we did eventually make it to the pool-a cool oasis filled with sunbathers and kids splashing about. We enjoyed a few hours of sun time, someone was kind enough to give us their lounge chairs, and Dave treated me to a couple of frozen coconut confections laced with alcohol. The wading pool was very cool and refreshing after baking in the sun, so we repeated the action several times, before retreating to our free room so Dave could grab a nap before dinner.

Dave and I sitting on the edge, enjoying a tasty beverage.
Our tower at Winstar World Resort and Casino-we are on the 10th floor!
A cabana in front of the North tower-we are in the South tower.
You must arrive early to get a chair in the water!
The view from our room.
Last night at The Cowboys Bar and Grill, watching the Rangers play and eating brisket nachos. Not us pictured here, but isn’t the bar cool with the blue stars in it?
An interesting light fixture in the entrance to the towers.

I realize you all are waiting for me to utter my least favorite word, but as Dar said in her blog, this is a kid-friendly zone, so I just can’t. However, to tell you one that really gets on my nerves, it would have to be the way I cringe when someone says Jesus’s, as in, “in Jesus’s name we pray.” I always thought it should be “in Jesus’ name we pray,” however, I was wrong in my way of thinking. I actually looked it up, and grammatically, both are correct!

Per Linda G. Hill

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “least-favorite word.” Use your least-favorite word in your post. If you can’t decide on one, use a word that just really bugs you. Enjoy!

Wish us luck for tonight, and y’all all have a blessed and wonderful weekend!


5 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday-Least Favorite Word

  1. You both had a wonderful time. I am glad you are able to go for a holiday. Long back I used to get irritated when newsreaders talked about the top stories of the day. I wondered about the use of the word stories. I looked in the dictionary and saw it was a correct usage 😊


  2. Depends on how old school you are when it comes to writing. I am with you on the absurdity of an s’s it is redundant. But alas others still go the double s route. We should create an ‘avoid the double s’ group. LOL being silly I am. Glad you were having so much fun.

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