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RV Show and Lunch in Tucson

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning here at Picacho Peak and it’s time to attempt Linda G Hill’s SoCS prompt for today: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “mat/met/mitt/mot/mutt.” Choose one or use them all, any way you’d like in your post. Have fun! 

So I had an idea of what today was going to be like but Dave wanted to know if I’d like to go to the RV show in Tucson at the Pima County Fairgrounds. That’s the same place they are doing the Escapees Escapade this year…on the very day we leave! Grrr. I still have not met any fellow Escapees members yet!

Pic of the camper vans I took to show Julie. She is in the market, not us.

So we got our showers, ate a quick breakfast, fed the mutts, and walked out the door. An hour later we were walking into the RV show, which was small, btw, and looked at a variety of new and used RVs of all kinds. We decided that we definitely will not be stepping down from a Class A, this is the only way to travel in our opinion. However, we cannot afford the price tags on new models, so our focus will be on another used model, but an upgrade from ours. But that’s still a dream right now.

The bar area at La Parilla Suiza.

After the show, my tummy was rumbling, so we went into Tucson in search of a bite and I wanted a margarita. We found a place called La Parrilla Suiza Ina which claimed to serve authentic Mexican food. I had to tell the bartender how to make a sangria swirl, but other than that, it was a tasty lunch with a decent atmosphere. I had flautas with charro beans and rice. Most of the time, I never touch the beans and rice, but theirs was muy delicioso! I ate until I was full then took my time savoring my margarita. I told the camarero I was a cerdo and needed more servilletas but he waved off the mot and brought them to me. I made such a mess, he should have brought me a mat to set my plate on. It was hot, but not enough to need an oven mitt to handle it. Dave had enchiladas and tea. He does not drink and drive unless we are five minutes from home, which is never the case anymore.

What a great start to the birthday weekend without it even being about my birthday. I need to fit some more walks in, because I left my watch on the nightstand on the charger and didn’t get my steps recorded. Pshaw! I also heard from Josh and Chris, just one more son to go. He will probably hit me up tomorrow. He’s like me, he does birthday things on peoples actual birthday, lol! Josh has a new job and has been at it for a couple of weeks. Chris is finally doing fun things away from work to relieve the stress from his difficult job. So good news all around!

Saturdays are free days here, so I’m off to be wild and free outside the house for a bit! Have a great weekend everyone!

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#SoCS 07-31-21

Our garden after the heat and Dave got to it!

The summer heat was affecting the garden, no matter how much we watered. Dave decided to remove some of the squash leaves so light could let the tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers have a better chance of finishing out the season.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “the last photo you took.” Take the last photo you snapped. What’s the first word that comes to mind when you look at it? That word is your prompt. Enjoy!

The first word that came to my mind when I snapped this was “elephant”, as in, it looked like an elephant came in and sat in the middle of our garden! 🤣🤣

I know, I know, it’s not the best picture in the world, but it IS the last one I snapped, I’m just following the rules here! I literally texted Dave with the picture and asked him if he did that to the garden and he affirmed that he did. I’m hoping for better results next year with the addition of our compost.

I’m up early, as I have been each day Dad has been here, so I can blog or whatever before he comes in the living room. Poor man, he had to visit during the week of the Olympics. At home, he wouldn’t have been watching Im sure, but he is a good sport and never complains about it. It’s not all we’ve watched, for sure, but he’s watched a lot with us. I love the Olympics and I feel like we owe it to the athletes who worked so hard to get there do their thing! It’s been incredibly exciting in spots, the gymnastics and swimming are my favorites.

Things have been going well since he’s been here, I hope he feels cared for and loved, I’m certainly happier he is here, my anxiety has been much lower, replaced by concern that we make him feel welcome, and that we aren’t boring him to tears. He doesn’t do much anymore anyway, but I don’t want him to think we sit around so much normally. We just want to be here for his every need, and I hate the thought of him being alone, even in my own house. I do what needs to be done when he naps…which is a lot, lol. I love my dad and I only want to help him, I hope he understands that. I really wish he would stay with me, but I doubt he will. We will see. Maybe he will be more willing to come for several days at a time, sporadically, eventually ending up here some day. I really feel like we should sell the house and have Sean move on and grow up (at 40 it’s time don’t ya think?), however, I don’t know if either of them are quite ready for that yet.

Next week we go back to the neurologist and I can give him a more accurate assessment after seeing his routine each day, observing small changes like his abilities to walk or the fact that his brain is still sharp…he’s been beating the pants off of me in Words with Friends! He knows his pills by sight, what he’s supposed to take at what time, etc. yet other times it seems he has a bit of dementia. Then again, it could simply be the horrible lack of communication because he doesn’t talk anymore. Thank God I’m such an empathetic person, I anticipate what he wants most of the time. When I can’t, I have him write it on a whiteboard. Texting is very difficult on a small phone with his severe tremor, and he doesn’t fight me when I give him coffee cups with lids on them. We did have to have a talk about a personal issue dealing with his increasing incontinence, but I think we are on the same page. Dave and I may be going shopping for some things to deal with that today.

Sorry, you got more than you bargained for with this installment of SoCS, thanks for bearing with me, enjoy your weekend, beautiful people!

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday-Least Favorite Word

It’s six minutes to 10am and there’s a crowd waiting to get in the pool at the resort and casino.

We’re inside, sipping som coffee and waiting on our breakfast to arrive. I’m people watching and anxious to get in the pool myself, but my hubby is ready to go back to the casino I’m sure. I’m going to try and twist his arm though, if last night was any indication of how our luck is going to go.

I failed in that endeavor, yet we did eventually make it to the pool-a cool oasis filled with sunbathers and kids splashing about. We enjoyed a few hours of sun time, someone was kind enough to give us their lounge chairs, and Dave treated me to a couple of frozen coconut confections laced with alcohol. The wading pool was very cool and refreshing after baking in the sun, so we repeated the action several times, before retreating to our free room so Dave could grab a nap before dinner.

Dave and I sitting on the edge, enjoying a tasty beverage.
Our tower at Winstar World Resort and Casino-we are on the 10th floor!
A cabana in front of the North tower-we are in the South tower.
You must arrive early to get a chair in the water!
The view from our room.
Last night at The Cowboys Bar and Grill, watching the Rangers play and eating brisket nachos. Not us pictured here, but isn’t the bar cool with the blue stars in it?
An interesting light fixture in the entrance to the towers.

I realize you all are waiting for me to utter my least favorite word, but as Dar said in her blog, this is a kid-friendly zone, so I just can’t. However, to tell you one that really gets on my nerves, it would have to be the way I cringe when someone says Jesus’s, as in, “in Jesus’s name we pray.” I always thought it should be “in Jesus’ name we pray,” however, I was wrong in my way of thinking. I actually looked it up, and grammatically, both are correct!

Per Linda G. Hill

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “least-favorite word.” Use your least-favorite word in your post. If you can’t decide on one, use a word that just really bugs you. Enjoy!

Wish us luck for tonight, and y’all all have a blessed and wonderful weekend!

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#SoCS and WOD Challenge 05-29-21

It’s Saturday and that means do what Linda G Hill prompts us to do with this:Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “collect.” Use the word “collect” any way you’d like. Have fun!

I had to sit for just a moment and think about what all I’ve collected in my life. Books, music, beads, buttons, dolphins, writings, recipes, and that’s just a basic list. Of course, the list has changed and grown with me through the years. I’m pretty sure books were the very first thing I had a collection of as soon as I learned to read. Then, with my love of music came the collecting of 45’s (remember those?), albums, 8-track tapes, cassette tapes, and finally, CD’s. Now, all that stuff is obsolete since most of us just find out favorite streaming music stations or play our most desired songs through our Bluetooth devices.

Of course, the books were hard to let go. So I haven’t yet. What has survived many moves is tucked away in a closet. Stephen King, Robin Cook, and a few of my other favorite authors are waiting around for the day they become valuable or my future grandchildren might want them. Silly, I know. I also have a tub of albums put up, and cases of CD’s collecting dust somewhere in another box. Why? Idk.

My dolphins reside on a corner shelf for display. Every once in a blue moon I get another as a gift or I find one I can’t live without, but that’s been a while. My only tattoo, in fact, is of a pair of dolphins. I don’t like it anymore and wish I could change it, someday when I get my shape back, lol.

The beads and buttons are put away in my craft closet because I can’t bear to part with what I did for many years, making jewelry, in case I get bored with Diamond Art or writing (NEVER!) So that begs the question, why don’t I just sell the whole lot? I’m a creative person, that’s why, just let it be! I may get back to it when inspiration strikes. As for the Diamond Art, I don’t really collect that, since most of my finished products are given as gifts or adorn my own walls. Come the fall, I may auction one off as a fundraiser for the PKD Foundation. Maybe two!

The beads came in handy just yesterday as my friend wants to use some from my collection for a craft in her backyard! I gathered the crystals I thought would work, and she is welcome to come get them at her leisure.

In other news, it seems that COVID-19 has had the trickle-down effect we were all concerned about, and Snowmageddon didn’t help. Inflation is on the rise, the cost of everything has gone up, including gas and oil, just in time for summer travel. Surprise, surprise 😒

Well, whatever you collect, make sure it doesn’t become too much clutter around your house. Oh! I forgot, I also have a tub of stuffed animals that I’ve managed to save. Why? Sentimental reasons. Should I let them go? Why? They aren’t bothering anyone except maybe my husband, but they reside at the top of my closet, minding their own business, maybe waiting for that illusive day I have grandkids I can touch and hold, because surely, their value will only be found with them.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! Have fun, be safe, and don’t forget those who died protecting our country!!

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#SoCS 05-15-21 You Go Girl!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “growth.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

We are so proud of the growth we’ve seen with this young lady, our future daughter-in-law, Rebecca!!

Rebecca Stewart, UTA graduate

Sorry, they were running the grads through so quickly, the names appeared right before they themselves did! So, this sweet girl worked her tail off, six years of study, while working a part-time job, maintaining her sobriety, the loss of her grandmother and many other obstacles.
Graduating with her Bachelors in Social Work Magna Cum Laude! Bursting with pride here! 🤗

She’s not the only grad in the family, however. Also on the roster of amazing growth is our niece’s husband, Greg, and our nephew’s fiancé Kacee! Congrats to these and all the other hard working graduates this month!

Greg Atwell, UNT graduate

I’m so excited to see where these fine young people go with their bright looking futures, and we will be here to support them all the way!