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SoCS Challenge 09-18-21 A New Game

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘puzzle.’ Use it any way you’d like!”

This from the lovely Linda who prompts us every Saturday with a new SoCS word or part of a word.

Dad’s occupational therapist made up a new game for Dad yesterday that I will be able to easily do myself. She had him throw clothespins into a bucket while he was standing up after he did his hand bike exercise.

Christy and Dad playing the game.

She also suggested we get him a simple puzzle to do at his tray table while standing up, so he’s not bored standing for 10-15 minutes.

Another things she has him do is squeeze those hand grip thingies, and yesterday, my brother brought Dad a two pack of them. So now he can practice increasing his grip strength every day!

Grip strengthening tools

I still think he is bored to tears and thats why he sleeps so much. ☹️


12 thoughts on “SoCS Challenge 09-18-21 A New Game

  1. He may possibly also be experiencing a bit of sadness in that he is having to stay with you as opposed to being able to go into his own home. Regardless of if he knows it or not the decision has been made for him. I can only imagine how it makes him feel. Going from being the strong one to relying on his daughter. And that you also tend to the bedding and clothing after night. All things I think that would be hard to swallow. Hopefully as he works on regaining strength and mobility he will not want to sleep as much.
    Hugs Kim I can only imagine how tough all of this has been on you as well. 🙂

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  2. I am very interested to see those hand gripping go zone things! I have never seen those things and I bet they are better than the balls? I have trouble with the balls so I am thinking this may even work better for me. Where did he get them? Great exercises he was doing. I like his shirt! Much love to everyone and many prayers!

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