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Bloganuary 1-28-22 My Favorite Tune Right Now

Jelly Roll singing Only & Love the Heartless

What is on your music playlist right now? That’s today’s prompt.

Well, I don’t have a playlist because I’m not 13, but I will tell you who my one of my favs is at the moment.

Jelly Roll with “Dead Man Walking.” This dude is actually a rapper who is the same age as my middle boy, Josh. How did he end up on Octane on Sirius/XM you might ask? Cause this song is a rock ballad with a great hook. It’s a damn ear worm, is what it is! I only heard a piece of it today because I’d just pulled up to my brothers house, and it’s been in my head ever since! He sings what sounds like country/rap/rock songs with such soul. This is what a self described pos with talent can do.


He’s hard to look at for some people, but listen and trust me, this song will make you a believer and possibly a fan. I don’t care for rap, but if he did more songs like this…

Just click the link above to listen to his song!


5 thoughts on “Bloganuary 1-28-22 My Favorite Tune Right Now

  1. The above link did not work, ugh! Can you share it to me on messenger? I remember quite a a while ago when you used to have no problem sharing things from YouTube on here, and that you taught me had to do it. Girl, I do not remember as I have slept since then.

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    • I’m sorry, if you want to hear the song, you can look him up on the internet under Dead Man Walking, by Jelly Roll. I don’t know what style of music you like, but he has a more country sounding song too. Listen to a few different songs when you have the time.

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