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Friday News 10-14-22

We are getting closer to taking that maiden voyage, people! I’m getting excited 😊

David has picked a retirement date, and yesterday we put the RV in the shop for an expensive but necessary maintenance check and a good once over before we hit the road. That little service costs around $2k!!

I’m also feeling better as the days go along, but I’m almost scared to eat anything but the bland diet fearing the same severe stomach troubles I had last week after the cottage cheese incident. Really I don’t know if that was the culprit, if it was too soon, or if these antibiotics are real tough on your stomach, but something tore me up. I have had success with bananas, most light soups, toast, jello, small amounts of peanut butter, crackers and such during the day, and the last three nights I’ve had chicken and a cooked or canned vegetable. I’m to somehow get fiber, but no eating raw fruits and veggies yet.

It’s time to start planning the first trip. You realize you can’t just waltz into the first RV park you come to and check in. These places have to have reservations in advance. Plus, we have to try to take advantage of all our club discounts on gas and parks. We have decided to start in the Texas hill country somewhere and slowly make our way to Tucson, Arizona next. If we like it there, we will stay in Arizona for a few months. The weeks seem long with nothing to do, but in reality, it’s right around the corner! Pray everything will check out good with the bus and we don’t have to pay for costly repairs right off the bat. I don’t think it will, because the previous owner took meticulous notes of all service and great care of the motor home in general. 🙏


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