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A Breakfast Treat

Pumpkin and Banana Pancake with Caramelized Pear Slices

This one kept its shape.

This morning I grabbed a recipe off of Pinterest or two, basing my decisions on things I can eat from a diverticulitis diet I also found there. I can have bananas, pumpkin, and cooked fruit, so these ingredients combined together for a delicious breakfast treat!

First, I made my pears. I took a ripe pear, added it to the juice from some canned pears I recently had, and added about a 1/2 T of butter, some powdered Stevia, and made my base to fry the pears. Basting constantly, (oh, I added cinnamon too) I cooked them until we’ll coated and soft.

Then I made my batter for the pancakes, which only called for pumpkin and eggs, but I added half a ripe banana. Vanilla and spices were added as well as a T of almond milk to thin out the batter. Still, they took FOREVER to cook. They were so moist and dense, they broke easily unless I used two plastic spatulas. I think for five pancakes, it took about an hour! What did I do in between pancakes? I pulled a chair up to the stove and did my Spanish lessons!

Well, I couldn’t wait. I ate the first pancake with a warm pear and some of its sauce and I was satisfied. I cooked the rest to eat for the rest of the week. The pups loved them too. One broke really badly, so we shared that one.I left the rest on the stove to get cold before bagging them and storing in the fridge.

I pinned the recipe to my Pinterest board under healthy recipes.I would advise anyone making this to really get those bananas smashed up. Plus, I only added two eggs instead of three. So, in other words, I made the recipe my own and it turned out great!

Would you be game to try it? Of course, you can always use maple syrup instead of the pear topping. ☺️ It might just became a new Fall favorite!


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