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Winter is Coming 10-17-22

Attendance was good!

I forgot to show my new rocking camp chair.

Unbeknownst to me, Dave signed us up to take a winterization class at United RV. This is the same place where we took the motor home for service and a good once over before our maiden voyage.

Dave bought me a cool, hot pink, rocking camp chair so I wouldn’t be uncomfortable in class. It was very comfortable! I’m so glad I’ll have this for all future Rv Parks and campgrounds.

The class was very helpful, informative, and hopefully not necessary. I don’t want to camp in freezing weather. We will be that couple chasing mild temperatures all over the country. 😂

The class was free, it was well-attended, and they even served lunch, but we didn’t stay for that. I wouldn’t have been able to eat whatever they were serving anyway. Dave took notes for a while, then Jim-our instructor- said he’d be making a pdf of them, so he stopped. I still don’t have them, because he hasn’t posted them to the camper group on Facebook yet. I did join the group though, so I’ll get them when they’re ready. I’m not sure where I’ll print them though because my brother doesn’t have a printer but we do have a print shop close.

Anyway, just to be safe, in case we get caught somewhere that gets cold before we can bug out, he also taught us how to do spot winterizations. Most of it was simple, common sense rules, like emptying all hoses that water goes through.

Well, I need to figure out something to do besides sit here. There are men working in my brother’s back yard today though, so I can’t leave. I’m getting bored sitting around so much with nothing to do but watch tv. I had another flare up yesterday because I tried to eat yogurt too soon. So I’m behaving and sticking to the semi bland diet. I did throw an egg in this morning, but they don’t bother me. I may have to live on milk alternatives for all dairy from now on, but I like almond and coconut milk, so I can do this!


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