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A Visit to the Ostrich Ranch

For those of you not on Facebook, or who I didn’t personally send pics to, I’m doing this post to share our wonderful experience to Rooster Cogburn’s Ostrich Ranch.

Located right down the road from our resort in Arizona is a quaint little spot where visitors can go in and feed all kinds of cute and fuzzy creatures. Everything from huge to tiny birds, donkeys, deer, giant tortoises, goats, chickens, bunnies, parakeets, and lorikeets! They were one of my favorites!

The lorikeets will open the lid on the tiny cup of nectar for you, then drink it right out of your hand! Most of the animals here eat out of your hands, but one type of goat ate from our mouths! I was nervous at first but our lips never touched…promise! 😉😆🤣

The Hole in the Wall gang!

They called this exhibit the Hole in the Wall gang for good reason! Your guide gives you a longer peice of green food, you stick it in between your lips and the goat gently eats it with his. So fun! Even Dave did it! He was such a good sport.

Dave getting personal with the Boer goats.

First we fed the fallow deer, who were so sweet and gentle.

You kind of make a big square circuit of the place finishing up with the stingray, but we didn’t spend the extra money to feed them too. Two tickets (includes feed) were $25 as it was, not bad for the experience though. I’m just cheap, lol!

Next were the ostrich. They are a little more aggressive, so I was timid at first but soon had them eating out of my hand. Careful! You could lose a finger! Just kidding, but not totally. These guys were hungry!!

Give us that food!

Me trying to keep my distance and not lose a finger!

I had to take one featuring the peak.

Picacho Peak behind the ostrich.

You can’t see it in the pics but they have rings through their beaks, I think to prevent them from biting to hard.

Feeding the hens.
More goats! These crazy characters were just as bad as our dogs, whining and scratching at the cages to get food!

From there we moved to the parakeets, they were also starving. With these birdies, you stick a seed covered stick into the cage and they swarm together to fight over it!

I couldn’t remove the second shot so I made it smaller.

I want one!

We barely got enough food for these guys, but they’re not missing many meals, lol!

Next was my favorite. This experience moved me to tears.

They even landed on my shoulders at one point! It was awesome!
Lorikeet are so beautiful!

They all have names and you have to put the food in this clip or you will lose a finger!

We each took a photo with the fake ostrich and Dave took one of me by their Christmas tree.

I almost forgot the Penthouse!

The first thing we did was crank food in cups up to the goats in the Penthouse and I almost forgot to share it!

Dave had to have a pic of the monster truck.

These are very heavy-not sure if they always are- but this one egg could feed about 24 people!

This was a not-to-be-missed experience and I’m so glad we did it! Making memories through experiences, that’s what it’s all about!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Since we don’t have our own tree. ☺️

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