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A Different View

I wanted to show you the mountain from the side we went up on our hike yesterday.

At the resort, we see the peak from the front, but through the state park, we approached the peak from the side pictured here. So, the peak to the left, that’s the short hike we did yesterday. The highest peak, the one that serves as a landmark is we’re we want to go eventually. That hike will take at least three hours. I will probably find us a guide, a resident here that has done the hike hundreds of times, to take us when we are ready.

As I mentioned yesterday, I will need to be a little bit more fit before I attempt it. So more walks. More mini hikes. Whatever it takes!


In other news, today we took the bus in for a refill of propane. This must be done at a dealer or the dealer must come to you. Since we are so far from everything, we had to travel to Casa Grande, even though I called a place in Eloy that said they had it. What a day of comedic errors! The facility that had it in Eloy let the manager leave with the keys to the propane shed. That’s why we had to go to Casa Grande.

The dogs weren’t in their kennels, which meant that they ended up in my lap. Very awkward and uncomfortable. Later, Dave drove through a very rough transition, kind of like hitting a huge pothole, so everything flew out of the cabinets, the drawers were flung open, and the dogs freaked out. I had a bottle of tequila unsecured in the cabinet, but by some miracle, it did not fall out. While Dave was stopped, I found the mini bungee cord and secured the cabinet that flies open. Dave came back and secured the drawers. For long trips we do all that automatically, but when we left, we thought we’d be gone only a few minutes, not hours!

I was irritated, Dave was too, but we kept it cool and stopped at Walmart to grab a few groceries while in town. The dogs stayed on the locked and air-conditioned bus. Naturally, we get all our stuff and get stuck in a line where a lady had issues getting rung up. All the lines were packed with people waiting, so we had to be patient and wait. We left without incident, got home and put our house back in order, and all was right in our world. At 6pm I went to play Bunco, and now we’re watching a movie. But I just had to share that things aren’t always perfect in the RVing world!

Luckily, we make a great team. ☺️


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