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A Packed House

Last night at Bingo.

I joined the crowd for the first time for Monday night bingo. It was different than any bingo game I’d been to before.

I found a seat in the back since the place was nearly full, near Diane and Ken who I know from Mexican Train nights. I bought my cards and my dauber, then asked them to show me the ropes. I wish they would have let me keep the sheet showing how each game was played, since all 10 games were done differently.

If you look at the person’s papers next to me, (her name was Vickie) you’ll see that the sheet to the left is the diagram showing how to mark the cards for each game, then the sheets on the right are the cards, which need to be marked before you start playing, so you’ll know which numbers can be played and which ones you ignore. I’ll remember to get there sooner if I go next Monday.

Oh wait, I won’t be here for that! I will be on my way to San Diego! We have an Airbnb for four days, I can’t wait to see something new and also grass! I’m hoping the dogs will love it there, we haven’t seen grass in a while! Plus, there’s the beach as well!

Normally, I’d be on my way to play Bunco tonight, but I’ve been bloated and uncomfortable all day, so I chose to skip it tonight. To me, it’s cold outside also, but I did take enough walks earlier to close my exercise ring (on my Apple Watch).
I guess I’ll continue to work on the beginner dog sweater I’m trying to make for Whiskey. We’re also watching Brandy close tonight, because she has not been acting right. I don’t think she feels well.

I really wanted to figure out a way to incorporate the Bloganuary prompt into tonight’s post, but I never know if what I remember is true or stories I heard my mother tell. As far as I can remember, my earliest memory was of me tying my shoes and as my dad came down the stairs, he was congratulating me for getting the job done. Was I four, five? I know we had to be living in South Carolina at the time, because that is the only two-story house we ever lived in.

Well, looky there, I guess I did it, in a way! Y’all have a great Tuesday night and we’ll see you tomorrow. ☺️


4 thoughts on “A Packed House

    • Dave didn’t go to Bingo, unfortunately.
      Yeah, but he’s restless, so that is why we are going to San Diego on the 9th. Then, on the 23rd, we are going to move to a golf resort for a month and then come back…unless we like the other resort better!


  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Wonderful you shar your packed House.
    Wonderful you shar last night Bingo. You have got bingo game card. Very nice described the bingo game . You had finished your whisky’s sweater .
    Very cold the outside and you doing some exercises. You remember your mother telling story.
    All over interesting write up. I like, Kim!

    Liked by 1 person

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