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Photos From the Last Few Days

I wanted to share a few pics from today and the last few days that I couldn’t figure into the posts.

A heart shaped rock I found right outside the RV. (No, I didn’t keep it)
Players playing shuffleboard as I was on my walk. This is one game I haven’t tried yet.

I missed the best part of the sunset last night, but caught this one while at the dog park.

While exploring with the doggies I took a few shots of the mountain ranges closest to us.
The desert to the left is a bombing range. Danger signs are everywhere warning of unexploded ordinance.

One of the warning signs on the left in front of a plant I’m curious to learn the name of. They are also plentiful in the Sonoran desert.

We were actually running errands but decided to go explore this area first. The doggies enjoyed taking a ride and getting out of the RV to do something besides walk to the dog park or other daily walks. I really need to research the mountain ranges around here and see what their names are. I don’t think we are that far from the Organ Pipe Cactus Monument National Park, which would be awesome to visit. So much more to do, see, and explore in Arizona!


10 thoughts on “Photos From the Last Few Days

  1. Would that be an ocotillo cactus? They are so interesting. But I like the looks of all cactus. Oh, my favorite desert plant is a Joshua tree. I wish we had them up here in the Oregon Outback.

    And yikes! Bombing range?

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