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Another Visit to the Date Farm

Yesterday, we went back to the date farm for another concert and my required date shake.

Much dancing by fellow listeners.

More people got up to dance during this duo’s show. They were pretty good and really got the crowd moving with covers of funny country tunes and soft rock songs. One song was called Don’t Touch My Willy-reference to Willy Nelson albums, and one was called An Ugly Girl Told Me No. 🤣😂

I took an awesome video of them performing one of my favorite songs, Copperhead Road, but it’s evidently too long, because it ont show up in the editor. 😌

I never caught the name of the duo, but one guy’s name was Steve. Anyway, I did get a picture of them and some guy bringing up a tip, since that’s what all the bands that play this location play for.

These guys were great!

There was also a VW bus show going on, which Dave loved. If anyone is interested, I’ll have him share the pics he took.

Todays gang for Grapes and Hops!

We had such a small group compared to last time at this same event, we all had a great time sampling 5 different wines. There was one beer drinker in the lot, he was drinking some IPA with really cool cans…I can’t remember the name of it. I sampled 4 different wines, a Cabernet Merlot blend, a Merlot from Mexico that Jo brought, a Cabernet that was light in body yet refreshing, and a Sauvignon Blanc that was crisp and fruity. I don’t normally drink white wine, but this was very tasty! That and my weight in cheese and crackers 😂 Now Dave expects me to eat a hamburger! 🤣

Gayle was kind enough to take a photo of all the gang! From right to left, Brenda the hostess, me, Linda, Ed, Jo, and Doris.

I should have been playing chair volleyball but they should’ve scheduled the two events at separate times, and I had already committed to this one! We had such a good time and I got to know everyone even better. They are upset we are leaving next week, but our friends at Picacho are hollering for us to come back. So we will keep our regular schedule and try to come back here in the future.

It’s nice that we are making good friends that want to see us and I look forward to many more all over the US!

Happy Sunday everyone!!


7 thoughts on “Another Visit to the Date Farm

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Beautiful you sharing attended the concert. Nice dancing pic. Beautiful sing a rock song. Nice location to play band pic. Beautiful took a group pic for drinking different wines.
    So interesting play the game. Iam so happy you makeing new friends.. Beautiful took new friends gang round the table pic.

    Liked by 1 person

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