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One More Day in Yuma

Plans change, and as a full-time RVer, you have to roll with it.

We were looking forward to another hike up Muggin’s Mt this week, and Dave was slated to play golf today, but he unfortunately had a case of “the backside blues” whether from hiking, walking up and down too many steps, or some other reason. Anyway, he decided he’d be better off resting instead of aggravating his condition, which is hereditary btw, so because of these plans changing, my plans also got changed, No bowling, no hiking, and we are leaving for the return to Picacho Peak RV Resort on Thursday.

Thankfully, he’s better today, despite having to climb the ladder several times last night trying to repair our awning before the bad windstorm we are experiencing today and tomorrow. Pray the wind is gone by Thursday, because driving a big bus in high wind is not ideal. Luckily the trip is only about three hours. Our friends here are sad to see us go, and our friends there are excited for our return. I’m anxious to get back, because as nice as the folks are here, I enjoy the beautiful park in Picacho better. I should be able to do lots more too, now that the temps are going up…after this current weather situation.

Tomorrow we’ll button everything up, shop for what we need once we get there, and try to fi in a few more activities before we leave. I can’t bowl because the sign up sheet is full, but I have a gift for bartender and owner Steve, so I’m going to make sure her gets it so he can keep making those delicious “butterballs.” Those are shots of Buttershots mixed with Fireball and are my choice of tasty beverage (free too) since I hate beer. (Also free while bowling) Steve usually foots the bill for the beer and spirits. What a guy! He’s not actually the owner, nor am I aware if his position is paid or voluntary, but he is a permanent resident here at the resort. He’s a stand-up guy though, that’s for sure!! I am going to miss him!

Yet we must move on. Too many plans in the works, too much on the bucket list to fulfill! That’s why it’s the #RVLIFE! We will be seeing new pals Jo and Tim in Picacho in a week as they will be coming there next week for a month before moving on. Isn’t this lifestyle the most fun? That is the beauty of it! Making friends all over the US, and possibly seeing those friends along the way in different places! And we haven’t even been to one of those rallies or meet-ups our clubs rave on about. I’d rather make friends for free than have to pay big bucks to meet new people we may or may not make a connection with. My opinions might change someday, but we have to be somewhat frugal in this, our first year on the road. There are too many variables involved. One of us could get sick and we have no insurance. We could have a costly breakdown, or any number of things. We don’t want to spend extra hundreds that aren’t necessary just yet.

So I’ll wish you a good night, and post again after we get back to Picacho unless something spectacular happens tomorrow that can’t wait!


10 thoughts on “One More Day in Yuma

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Very nice you change plan. You stay one more day in Yuma. Play to golf. You enjoy the beautiful park in the picacho. You make the new friends. All interesting post. I like, Kim !

    Liked by 1 person

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