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Beach Day

Happy Cinco de Mayo for all those who celebrate!

I did -in my own way. I knew yesterday that we were going to the beach today, and that the dogs had to go to the groomer at 11am. My plan was to have the Jeep loaded and ready to go before dropping the pups off. Which I did. I’m in the Jeep wih the dogs, Dave gets in after locking the bus and I noticed he forgot his water. Goes back in and comes back with his portable speaker. “You forgot again, Honey.” Goes back in and grabs the water. On the way to the groomer he says, I forgot my sunglasses.” Me: 🙄 I guess someone’s head was not on going to the beach!

I knew there were canned margaritas and Paloma’s as well as his beer in the cooler, so I threw in some aguas to be responsible. We get to the beach and I’m saddened by the fact that there is seaweed, which there was not just two days ago. It wasn’t too bad where we set up, but it had also become crowded. No problem, plenty of room. We had no tent, umbrellas or any shade, so we only planned to stay a couple of hours.

A little bit f seaweed wasn’t stopping us.

I always have to take a pic of waves and/or birds. Got ‘em both in this shot.

A fishing pelican scans the waves.

I also always have to get in the water. Today I only went in as far as my hips. Unbeknownst to me, Dave was taking pics. Thank god they are blurry!

Me trying to brave the chill. ⬇️

After downing my water I broke out a canned margarita from Cut Water and ate some goldfish cracker, cause that’s all Dave grabbed, lol. He didn’t even wear swim trunks! 😡 It’s like he totally forgot we were headed to the beach!

He did go in and rinse his feet. Love the kicked up waves behind him too.

Turns out he likes taking pics of birds too.

Mr seagull waiting for a nibble.

We decided to leave and get home to shower before picking up the girls, and I had mentioned going out for a Margarita to celebrate properly.

Whiskey (top) and Brandy fresh from the groomer.

We did go to San Juan for a Margarita and some nachos, but I’m sad to say, for a Mexican restaurant the margaritas weren’t good. Nor did anyone in there care one bit about Cinco de Mayo. No greeting saying Happy Cinco de Mayo, no specials, just business as usual. One of these years I’ll get it right. Oh well, we tried to celebrate anyway! And we had a good day!


9 thoughts on “Beach Day

  1. We will excuse Dave’s brain farts this time as we know you have many more times to spend their. I am jealous for your Panini and gelato! What kind of Panini did you get? You are gelato sounds amazing! I am so happy that you found a bike! I do not remember seeing any when we were there.

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    • Lol, he has his moments! I do too. 😛
      I got a ham and cheese panini and neither of us could eat more than half, so we had the other half for dinner!
      The gelato was heavenly! I could eat it every day, but am already upset that I’ve gained some weight.
      No, I never saw e-bikes here in Port A before this year, and still haven’t seen the type I’m getting. It will be here Tuesday! I’m so excited! If you want, I can share a video of one of the couples from RV Unplugged as they unbox theirs and show you how easy it is to unfold and set up. Plus I got so many extras like the helmet and mirrors etc., and still staid under $1700! I’m taking it out of my savings. Maybe that will give me the incentive to start a side hustle and put it back. 😁
      How are you guys doing?

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