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Shopping, Swimming, and Hello Sunday

Yesterday, I went out alone and tried to find myself a sundress, because I only brought two, and one is more like a cover-up than a sundress.

However, I came home with a $5 hat and a boogie board. 😂🤣

Call me cheap, but I refuse to pay the ridiculous prices they want in these gift shops! I hit three, and nothing is reasonable anymore. I swear, I don’t know how all these families with kids can afford to do anything but sit in their rentals and pout.

I did take some pics of all the merch and how packed full these stores are. How do they move all that product when they price it so high?? Anyway, here’s a few pics.

I thought the camper van was cute -in the third picture. The cabana is a much better deal than those new solar covers people have on the beach now. They want $179 for those! We will wait for Michelle to bring our pop up tent cover when they come, I just have to ask my brother to go get it out of storage when he gets back from Israel.

There is a cool guy who comes to The Islander gift shop with beautiful parrots and he takes pics with people and the birds and charges money for them. The birds are s vibrant and colorful and so good with people.

I’m not supposed to take pics of them, but I did it from inside the store, through the glass door.
He had 3 or 4 birds with him, but I didn’t want to get caught taking pics.

Soon, I was hungry and went home to eat lunch. Later, we got out and went to look at fishing reels at Port A Outfitters and I bought a sticker for the car. 🤣😂 (It was the only bargain in the store)

Next, we went to the dollar store and somehow wound up at Cancun drinking a Margarita…a good one! That set a trend and we went back to the house and grabbed another and headed to the pool in the resort.
We knew we just ruined dinner, so why not?

We met the nice couple on the left and their baby boy, Oliver. Dad was Levi and Cory was Moms name.

They are also vets and he works for the VA and she works with the blind, I think for the VA also. So awesome 👏🏻

We enjoyed talking to them, and I was in the water, not really swimming, but wet and the water was perfect.

Now we are sitting here waiting for church to start under a very cloudy sky and I’ll leave you with a funny meme I found on Facebook or someone’s blog-I can’t remember. Happy Sunday everyone!


4 thoughts on “Shopping, Swimming, and Hello Sunday

  1. Na-ha-ha! 🤪

    But you’re right, things are getting way too expensive! I never liked second hand stores, but that may be where I go when I really need something. The good thing is when you find something there it isn’t like everything else in the store. Those packed expensive stores mean everyone has on the same thing.😥

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