WOD Challenge & JusJoJan Prompts 1-28-20 Nothing Good

Last night there was nothing good on television, our regular shows were reruns, so we tuned in to America’s Got Talent 2020 Champions show and were really impressed by some of the acts.

Kids seem to have so much talent these days, and you know they don’t get that from parking their butts in front of the tv, they have to work hard and practice…a lot! But it wasn’t all kids either, there were many collaborations, mixing old and young, as with the group Shadow Dancers. This show is highlighting acts that made it so close to the finish line, but didn’t actually win. So this year they are back to fight to be the best and win AGT 2020. You should check it out if you like variety shows.

You know, I realize I have a bad habit of watching too much television, sitting is the new smoking and all that. Yet at night, even though it’s still hard to be still, I find myself sucked in, over and over by one good show or series after the other. I told my hubby we really need to do something else, I mean, at least he works out first, but I don’t think it’s healthy sitting around all night, when we could be doing other, productive and/or fun things.

Maybe we could do two things together, like watch a show while playing pool, or play a board game at the same time. At least we would be moving around and off the couch.

We could go visit friends, get more involved with church activities, (ours even has a game night), or do touch ups and /or repairs to things around the house. Join a bowling league, go play putt putt, or hang out with our family more. (Of course, I was trying to think of things that don’t cost extra money.)

I have tried coloring and/or doing crochet while watching tv, just so I’ll feel productive, like I’m also doing something else. Of course, there’s playing games and/or reading on our iPads while we watch, which is what we do 90% of the time.

I think it’s hearing about what other people do at night that makes me feel guilty for just sitting and watching television. I could be writing, or doing Diamond Art Projects, but my husband and I like to be together, so this is what we do. Are we going to suffer ill health because of our nightly habit- shouldn’t he be allowed to decompress and rest?

See, I already sit a lot during the day being a writer, so it’s really me I’m worried about.

We aren’t like this as much in the summertime, we like to sit outside on the patio and listen to music, or swim, while we enjoy a few beverages. I guess nothing good can come from that either, lol. It depends on who you ask I suppose. At least we are together doing whatever. Isn’t that what really matters?



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