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#A to Z Challenge 04-14-21 Naranjilla


Having learned a bit of Spanish, I already knew this word meant “little orange” but these are no ordinary oranges, in fact, they aren’t even citrus!!

E6W7HE Freshly prepared juice out of Naranjilla or Lulo fruits (lat. Solanum quitoense) with fruits on the side and in the back. Image shot 2014. Exact date unknown.

The naranjilla is from the nightshade family, so it’s more like a tomato or even an eggplant. What?? How can that be?

Check out the picture, showing a sliced naranjilla. It does resemble a tomato! They say it is tart, making it great for jellies, smoothies, and even wine.

Columbians make a simple drink with the naranjilla, lime juice, sugar, and water. For more adventure, they sometimes add vodka, but my mind went straight to tequila!

Orcates-Photo credit Gastro Obscura

The fragile plant grows only in the South American region, it’s harvested unripe so fungus doesn’t have time to grow on it.

In 1939, the fruit was showcased at the New York World’s Fair, sparking interest and a desire to grow the plant here, however, the only attempt that was halfway successful was in Florida, but they were destroyed by hurricanes.

Your best bet is to try it at the Lulo Cafe and Bar de Jugos in Columbia. Anyone headed there? The address is: 162-1674 Cra 3, Santa Marta, 470004, Columbia