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My Latest Contribution-More to Follow Soon

So, between breaking my ankle, my back injury and now my knee surgery, I’ve been sitting a lot. Sometimes to get off the iPad and or computer I decide to color a page or two. Since I can’t get up to my dining table to work on my Diamond Art Painting, I’ve had more time to color, which I sometimes do while watching mindless tv shows.

Here is my latest attempt, I’ve been experimenting with gel pens, I really like them, but I have more colors in the colored pencils. My next page after this will be a combined work of both.

This one used a limited amount of colored gel pens for a different effect

Not my best effort, I thought the outline needed to show up more, but I think it made it look worse afterward.

My next page will be a butterfly. I keep forgetting to take before and after pics. Sorry. This is all part of Linda G Hill’s monthly challenge The Escapist Coloring Club, which I love being part of. It gives me an excuse to relax and color, we all need that from time to time, right? Very therapeutic! 😊

To join in, click the link on her name and follow the rules, it’s easy!