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Convalescing With Furbabies

As some of you already know, I got food poisoning on Wednesday, or at least, that’s when it hit me. I have no idea where I picked it up, since Tuesday I visited a salad bar that we go to frequently, Wednesday Dad and I went to a Chinese buffet. Those places we go twice a month or so and have never had a problem. Wednesday night I made home made green curry and my chicken had been on the counter thawing from a frozen state for 7 hours, yet Dave at it also with no problem.

It was a long night and in between bathroom trips I froze to the point of needing extra blankets on the guest room bed, then I swore I sweated it out. Dave never even woke up. I was glad he didn’t get sick as well, but puzzled as to where I got it from.

Another thing that happened on Tuesday was that I went to the medical clinic for a physical. Could I have picked up a bug there just as easily? Don’t see why not. Had to go back on Friday for the lab work part, so I saw the nurse practitioner again and told her what I’d been through. She added an amylase to my blood work, and they gave me a flu test which I was negative for.

Whiskey and Callie napping happily

Callie needs to learn how to relax!

Her tongue is sticking out!

Since then, I’ve been mainly hanging out on the couch, with my trusty fur babies by my side, taking turns warming my feet. Dave has tried to help me as much as possible, making or buying me whatever food sounded good, mostly soup and crackers, and taking care of the cooking and helping with the laundry.

Here it is Sunday and I woke up still feeling yuk. It dawned on me that I’d not “gone” since Wednesday, so with a little help from my friend Epsom salts, I got moving again and I’m hoping to be right as the mail by tomorrow! I know one thing my friends, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy!