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#A to Z Challenge 04-21-21 Heaven on Seven

S-Sauce-Hot Sauce to be precise!

Chicago might not be the first town you think of when you crave some hot sauce, but hidden on the 7th floor of the historic Garland Building is a wall-to-wall hot sauce extravaganza!

Besides the location, the name of this famous Cajun spot also comes from the heavenly smells that greet diners and the tastes of the food once they eat it.

When Jimmy Bannos and his family took over the restaurant in 1980, it did not feature this massive hot sauce collection, they mainly served Jewish deli foods. However, after a cousin married into a Mississippi family, the menu began to change to reflect flavors of the south like gumbo, jambalaya, shrimp & grits, and 20 different kinds of po’boys.

Heaven on Seven also offers a full breakfast menu, and Bannos has been receiving rave reviews for his `etoufee, fried catfish, and gumbo with andouille sausage. The spicy walls covered in sauces from all over the world are for those wit a craving for hot, hot sauce. Some they say would even be new to connoisseurs.

My boys would be right at home! They have been known to compete with each other to see who can stand the hottest sauce. Now, I just have to get them to Chicago!