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WOD Challenge 06-24-21 Forbidden

Remember all those things that were once forbidden as a child that are more like the status quo these days?

Tattoos, curse words, r-rated movies, talking to strangers?

Well, I talk to strangers all the time now. It’s called social media, and they aren’t always strangers – they might be acquaintances, or friends of friends you know. But, yes, sometimes total strangers.

Anyway, I’m heading somewhere with this, I promise.

Sometimes, I speak with these people believing I have some kind of connection, a friendship of sorts, because we talk on Facebook or Instagram. Maybe they’ve done me a kindness, or bought me a gift, and I in return, desire to pay back their kindness.

It’s in this context that twice now, I’ve attempted to meet up with these “friends” and either return the favor, or just meet in person this person I’ve been having the connection with. It’s never been a one time thing either. I’m talking multiple conversations, and plans to meet suggested. Anyhoo, twice now I have made the attempt to reach out and twice now I’ve been snubbed. Both times in Galveston.

Do I hate Galveston now? No! But I have lost faith in the kindness of people. I know who my real friends are, and they are far and few between. It’s sad really, that people act one way on line, and totally different in real life.

All I know is this: if I tell you I can’t wait to meet you, I really mean that, I’m going to make every effort to be there, or here, wherever we planned to meet. Yes, I may only know you in passing, you’re a blogger, you’re a Facebook friend, we’ve been talking and have things and/or friends in common. Maybe I even went to school with you, but didn’t know you back then.

What I would NOT do, is plan a meet up, then disappear, ignore your texts, or pretend like we’ve not been talking and planning this for days, weeks, or months. If I chicken out, I’m at least going to text you and tell you you, “sorry, something came up,” so you don’t run around or expect me in a certain place, never to show up. How rude! Maybe these two people had a reason for what they did. I’ll never know, because they didn’t have the courtesy to text me and say, “I’m sorry, my hubby is sick, or whatever.”

It was very demeaning to feel snubbed in that way. When all convos up to that point were so different. They sounded genuine, like they really wanted to meet me and let me pay back the kindness they showed me. But sadly, this was just another case of people being heartless. I tried to not let it bother me this time, because the first time it happened a few years ago, I was devastated. How could someone do that to me? But now it’s happened again.

So, my question is, do I put too much faith in people? Should I let bloggers and “friends” on social media be just that?

Maybe Mom was right all along. Don’t talk to strangers, that is strictly forbidden fruit.

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