SoCS & WDIIA 4-4-20

We have been invited by Linda to dig deep today. My thoughts are not deep but my days are running together, so I decided to combine the prompts today. I’m considering starting a fun series kinda like Dan‘s but instead of a virtual bar, mine would be something like “Convos with David” since he’s the only person I’m seeing lately. 🙂

I was also reminded that one of my favorite old bands was Deep Purple, famous for the song ‘Smoke on the Water’. The only water I’ve seen lately is the water in our backyard pool, yet it’s still too cold to do anything but stare at it’s crystal blue beauty.

So the Convo with David this morning went something like this.

David: “So I guess we are gonna have to find some masks to go out any more?”

Me: “Yeah, if we are to comply, I guess we will. I think I have some bandanas around here somewhere I can make us a couple with.”

David: “We have no choice but to comply, they won’t allow us to go out without one.”

Me: “Yep, I guess that’s where we are at this stage. I’m ready for this to end now.”


I’m sure that’s what we are all thinking. What day is it anyway? My days are all running together with Dave being home so much.

I just checked to see if we could order some groceries from Walmart, they said not today but I could pick a time slot for tomorrow. This is getting ridiculous.

I hate not going to see Dad, I hope he understands we are just trying to keep him safe, I know he is lonely, but thank God Sean is home today. (My oldest son lives with Dad, but works during the week)

I’m staying in touch with friends through social media and FaceTime, crafting, writing, reading, and playing games like pool and Qwirkle. We are cooking most of our meals and getting bored like everyone else with staying home and watching way too much tv. We finally got our Amazon Prime working to watch the new Stephen King movie A Good Marriage...I highly recommend it, it was very good. I suppose with everyone else watching so much Netflix and Prime, the server was super busy and it took a long time and a reboot to finally load.

“Try to comply” is my new motto. Stay safe and well everyone!