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Last Class 4-06-22

Last night was the last in the Creative Writing Masterclass at church and it was the best one yet!

My answer to Linda G Hill’s prompt for One-Liner Wednesday

This was two hours before class.

First, we had a guest speaker who is very experienced in writing memoirs because he has already written his own. Just to get to hear some of what he has written was a real treat! He is such a gifted writer!

“I want to read your novel because I’m sure you’ve written one!”

That’s what I told him (Rob) when he was done with his readings and our lesson for the day.

So now we know the difference between memoir vs autobiography, and we know how to write a memoir based on our memories and perceptions of just when we know Christ was in our life. For me, it wasn’t a particular day, I looked back on my life experiences and wrote how God had put me in all the right places and situations. I thought after rewriting it three times, surely I had it wrong, but they enjoyed it…but the teachers didn’t hear it, so I still don’t know if it was “correct” or if ALL memoir is correct because it’s your perceptions and memories of how things occurred.

But Rob was so eloquent and so detailed in all his writing about one small situation or two, I wished I was the family he was leaving it to so I could read the entire thing. He knows how to show-not-tell and that is what I still struggle with. I am not the most flowery writer, yet I know I have it in me somewhere, I just need to listen to feedback from other people and take their advice. That is what I enjoyed about this class. The fact that I got so hyped up and excited after every class made me feel like I’d found my people!! That is what has been missing, trying to do it alone. We all need fellowship, feedback, and of course, instruction. Tips and tricks of the trade.

We had to write a few small vignettes like our first kiss, our favorite vacation, and the night before our weddings. We heard some really cute and funny stories.

As we were leaving, I was invited to come back for Bible Study this morning and I went and it was nice. It’s a pretty large group, and they are studying the book “The Will of God.” The discussion got very philosophical. Plus, I’m meeting more and more members of my church and that is a great thing!

Now I’m wanting to join the choir if Dave doesn’t care, and they said they really need me because I’m an alto and they are very short on those. 😉

One-Liner Wednesday