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Truly Grateful

These folks have it worse! So far, so good for us!

I feel I should amend my earlier post and say how truly grateful I am that we have intermittent power, I have water, and my situation of having to stay elsewhere for a day or two was an inconvenience, I should not gripe. I’m grateful to my brother for putting us up and putting up with me and my dogs. I can be bitchy when inconvenienced, and I should have shut my mouth and seen how much harder it is for others and how lucky I was. I’ve been praying a lot this week. Praying for my friends and family to stay safe and warm, praying for my friend who is nearing the end of her life. 🙏

So many others have it SO much worse. Broken pipes, floods, no water, no heat, little food. Trying to take advantage of the time I have power to work on my blogs, clean the house, and ready what I can for dinner. I should be studying my course, but that room is the coldest in the house, and I don’t want to use a space heater right now. We aren’t supposed to be washing clothes, running dishwashers, or showering to conserve water. I can handle that.
my husband has to drive to work and work in these conditions, so that the city he works for stays functional. I am grateful. I thank God that Dave still has a job to go to, and that he is willing to do it. I know he is tired. Frustrated. His job is hard on so many levels, being in the elements is only a part of that.

So what if certain things don’t get done. Reaching out to friends, checking on them and my family, consoling those who are losing a loved one, and keeping myself and my pets warm are my priorities right now. I don’t drive in this mess, I wish I did, I could help so many more people. You truly don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone. Be well, be safe, and count your blessings. This too shall pass. Hang in there everyone 🤗