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Multiple Prompt Story-20 June 2018

I just love the thought of using multiple word prompts, so today I’m combining the Word of the Day, anticipation and the Three Things Challenge words, sandal, polar ice cap, and sea horse.

Sunny Escape

Lois was so tired of being cold and longed for a vacation to some sunny place by the ocean. Her husband Danny had a job as an engineer in a country that was as frigging cold as the polar ice cap, and last week he said they were due a vacation where did she want to go? Well, she was wrought with anticipation, in fact, had been dreaming of this very moment and said to him, “How about the Bahamas?! That’s a place I can really get warm, wear my sandals, and I always wanted to see a sea horse! Maybe there, my dream would come true!” Danny looked at his wife lovingly and said, “Well, I wouldn’t want to disappoint you my love, so that’s exactly where we will go, let us start the planning today!” Lois was ecstatic and hugged his neck saying how much she loved him and secretly saying to herself, ‘finally a break from this frigid tundra.’ She immediately started looking for a travel agent who would help them make their sunny escape.