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Multiple Prompts Post-Flash Fiction Friday

Since I love combining the prompts of the day, Word of the Day and 3TC, I have decided to bring back Flash Fiction Friday-as time permits.

So, without further ado, here is my story for today.


Gina and Joseph lived on the outskirts of a tiny southeast Texas town, enjoying a dream the both of them had wished for their entire marriage… to live close to the water. They knew it was probably temporary, yet they tried to make the most of their time, fishing when they could, playing with their puppies, and making lots of friends in the neighborhood.

Gina had recently acquired a new kitten, she named her after the Spanish word for white socks…calcetines blancos-Callie is what she shortened it to. She was black all over except for her white feet, and tuxedo. Joseph was unsure how Callie fit into their lives, and seemed to take every conceivable opportunity to express his dislike for the cute little kitten. Gina was determined to make the arrangement work, however, and tried to show all the pets equal loving all around.

Daily she made the pups their special diet, complete with snacks and treats containing pumpkin seeds and sweet potato. The pups really loved these treats, but Callie just got her own dry food, suggested to Gina by her grandfather. He said kittens needed no treats, just dry food to keep their delicate systems in balance. It seemed to Gina that the harder she tried, the more Joseph complained that the pups were not agreeing with the kitten and she was just about ready to find Callie a new home. She was tired of the daily squabbles and whining about it.

The younger of the pups, Smokey, had recently suffered a serious allergic reaction to some shampoo the groomer had tried for the first time on her. After two weeks, a shot, and other medications, she was still scratching and causing further infection. Gina was tasked with taking her back to the vet to see whet else could be done, and she decided to ask her while she was there if she knew of anyone needing a new kitten. Upon arrival, she met a lady in the waiting room and being the overtly, cerebral person she was, struck up a conversation with her and discovered she had recently had to put her beloved cat down.

Believe it or not, the lady Gina was talking to accepted the offer to take Callie home with her, they exchanged numbers and as soon as Gina was done with Smokey and the vet, she went home to get Callie’s belongings together and wait for the lady’s arrival. Although she was sad at the prospect of having to give up her kitten, she knew it was best for everyone because she found out some disheartening news while the vet was treating Smokey for her bumps and itching. It turns out, Smokey was allergic to Callie! Gina did not know that was even possible, yet it made her decision quite easy.




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Multiple Prompt Story-20 June 2018

I just love the thought of using multiple word prompts, so today I’m combining the Word of the Day, anticipation and the Three Things Challenge words, sandal, polar ice cap, and sea horse.

Sunny Escape

Lois was so tired of being cold and longed for a vacation to some sunny place by the ocean. Her husband Danny had a job as an engineer in a country that was as frigging cold as the polar ice cap, and last week he said they were due a vacation where did she want to go? Well, she was wrought with anticipation, in fact, had been dreaming of this very moment and said to him, “How about the Bahamas?! That’s a place I can really get warm, wear my sandals, and I always wanted to see a sea horse! Maybe there, my dream would come true!” Danny looked at his wife lovingly and said, “Well, I wouldn’t want to disappoint you my love, so that’s exactly where we will go, let us start the planning today!” Lois was ecstatic and hugged his neck saying how much she loved him and secretly saying to herself, ‘finally a break from this frigid tundra.’ She immediately started looking for a travel agent who would help them make their sunny escape.

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Three Things Challenge & Word of the Day

I personally like the idea of combining these two challenges into one post, call me lazy, but it saves time and I haven’t had much lately.

Heres my attempt for the two today, sorry they’re late:

Photo credit: Unsplash

The Feisty One

Feeling fresh as a daisy

Sly as a fox

A wolf in sheep’s clothing

She can’t be put in a box

This grandmother ain’t the same as all others

Bred from wild stock, her tribe in two moieties,

Raised by many great mothers

Her nickname’s the ‘breeze’

Like a dirvish, a tornado,

She’ll work circles around you

She’s feisty and fit, no one can compare

Put her in a rocker, don’t you even dare!





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Word Of The Day-Flourish

Good morning everyone! Today’s word of the day, brought to you buy Thriving Not Surviving, is flourish. Have fun with it!

Here is my attempt:

Photo credit: Unsplash

Down at the local sno-cone shop, the summer flowers Alice had planted flourished in the sunshine. She was trying to brighten the place up as to attract more buyers during the busy season. She should be worried, since running low on tiger’s blood, and coconut flavored syrup sent all her customers running for the DQ, where they could get a tasty ice cream cone instead of the usual slurpee-type fare.

This story featured the Word of the Day and the 3TC words as well.

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Word of the Day-Crestfallen

According to Dee Kelly over at Thriving Not Surviving, the word of the day is Crestfallen.

Let me see what I can do with it:

Photo credit: Unsplash

Little Timmy

Little Timmy wanted a treat, he asked his mom for some shoes for his feet

When she declined, he had such a sad face,

A crestfallen look had taken the place

Of the usual smile he wore most of the time

“Wait til your birthday” she said at the time.

Timmy was sad and sulked all the day long

Thinking his mama was all kinds of wrong,

Making him wait for such a long time,

Thinking, “Surely she could afford them,

They’re only a dime!”


Now you try, what can you do with it?