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A Memorable Bachelorette Party

What are you supposed to do at parties for the bride-to-be. Play games, share secrets, eat, drink, dance and sing terrible karaoke? Well, all of that was done and more at my friend Michelle’s daughter Tanna’s batchelorette party.

Me, Cat, and Tanna with the fancy backdrop and props

I tell you, that woman missed her calling, she so should have been a party planner as she is the hostess with the mostess, haha. She decorates, buys and lays out all the food, and all her parties are fabulous.

Once the ice breaker games were done (so fun), we pinned the lips on the hunk. We all missed the target unfortunately, but had a lot of fun trying.

I think Tanna cheated, lol

Everything looked cute and Michelle did all of it by herself. She is such a strong, independent, stubborn, but wonderful person!

Needless to say, all the diet rules were broken, but we had so much fun breaking them. Tanna received a combination of batchelorette and wedding type gifts. Friends and family stopped by and a few hung out Tillman the wee hours.

A great time was had by all, I’m sure Tanna will be a beautiful bride and be very happy with her fiancé Billy.