WOD Challenge 5-5-20 Exploring Jasmine

Courtesy of Wikipedia

From bud to bloom, jasmine is a fragrant flower loved by many. Asian women wear jasmine flowers in their hair, and in China, the flowers can be mixed into green tea. They are native to tropical and subtropical climates with the center of their diversity in south and southeast Asia. It is enjoyed in gardens, as houseplants and as cut flowers. There are so many different species, some form of jasmine can be grown just about anywhere. Jasmine is also the main flower used in Hawaiian leis, and in Thailand, it is the symbol of motherhood. Jasmine rice has become very popular, and in the Philippines, it is strung in garlands to adorn religious images. It is used for incense and perfume because of it’s intoxicating scent.

What is your favorite kind of jasmine?


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