Word of the Day Challenge-7-13-20-Unstoppable

Feliz Lunes Everyone!

To recap since the last time I blogged, I’m plugging along between my Spanish lessons, (I’m on day 111 on Duolingo), typing lessons, and my transcription lessons, I am an unstoppable learning machine!

Okay, I could be stopped, by my stupid laptop which seems to want to derail my best efforts, and of course, my credit card getting compromised…again! UGH! I hope it comes in the mail today. I need to buy my transcription software so I can proceed with the lessons. I will do what I can in other areas if not, I have tons of grammar to study (learning on Khan Academy), and of course, the typing is an ongoing thing until I build speed and confidence.

We had a fun weekend with a short day trip Saturday to Lake Fork to eyeball some property, unfortunately, it was a bust, yet it got us out of the house and off the couch for a while. We stopped at Buc-ee’s and I had their delicious chicken, pecan, and cranberry salad. Ahhhh, that stuff is legendary! I bought some yummy meringue candies, they were low carb, low sugar, so why not?

Sunday, before church, we made our grocery run, donning our stupid masks, of course, in fact; the last four days have involved heavy mask-wearing tasks. Anyway, we shopped, came home and viewed Sunday service, then Dave and Chris, our youngest, went and played golf while I stayed home and watched a documentary on Margaret Atwood (She wrote the Handmaid’s Tale among other books) while doing my Diamond Art, then went to visit my dad a while. It was nice to forget about the lessons and the computer for a while. Dave attempted to figure out where my new typing tutor went, we tried to re-download it, which caused multiple problems, so now he has to uninstall it. UGH! In the meantime, I’ll just use the old typing tutor I started with.

Well, I hope everyone has a nice week, in case I don’t get back on here for a bit-we leave for vacation Saturday, so I want to get as much accomplished as possible this week. Have a productive week everyone! If not productive, please have fun!! Stay well!!


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