The Press and Fauci Just Want to Keep Us on Lockdown Forever

It’s just my opinion of course, but I think Dr. Anthony Fauci and certain press outlets want to keep this thing going forever, in fact, he is doing a live briefing on CNN right now talking about how the needless suffering and death will ensue if we open the country too early.


He is summarizing his fourfold plan to improve knowledge, develop new diagnostics, find new therapeutic treatments, and develop a vaccine.

The new is constantly going on about how we are all-in-this-together and how we are dealing with these-difficult-times.

I’m so over this mess. They say the number of cases and deaths are still rising, but who are we supposed to believe when you find out they are counting other deaths as COVID-19 because Medicare gets more money if they do? We do not really know the actual number of cases in Texas because of this false reporting.

Furthermore, the economy is suffering because of all the unemployment and closed businesses.

It seems like the press thrives on reporting only the negative and wants to make us think more people are sick and dying than really there are, keeping us on perpetual lockdown.

There are also those out there who worry that this potential vaccine is us recieving “the mark of the beast.” Many will refuse it because of this.

I am so tired of lies and corruption. Coverups, and deceiving reporting. What news outlet can we even trust? We watch Fox News and OAN for the closest thing to the truth, or just don’t watch the news at all except for the weather.

You want my opinion? I say we just get back to the business of living, and survive the best we can. Is COVID-19 even real? Maybe, but so is the flu, pneumonia, and countless other harmful illnesses, but we don’t shut the country down over those things, do we.

They say opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one, well, now you’ve heard mine-like it or don’t. Sorry to be so crass, but I am so over this mess.

Keep yourselves healthy. Eat whole food, take your supplements, wash your hands, keep your space clean, don’t go to visit others or go to work sick. Use your heads people, and your essential oils. I just wrote what I hope to be a great article on Medium, about how I’ve managed to stay well during this “crisis” and how you can too. If it gets picked up by a publication, I will let you know and share a link. Have a good Tuesday you all.


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