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Good morning everyone!

Evgeny Tcherkasski for Unsplash

Well, I’m not sure what the Universe is trying to tell me, but I’ve had one more setback. On top of my right knee surgery being postponed due to my back injury and the resulting sciatica, I fractured my right foot night before last! I stepped on one of the dog’s chew bones, rolled my ankle, fell to the ground and heard a loud POP! After a painful night, the next morning it was bruised and swollen. So I figured since I was due for work yesterday, I better go see if it was just a sprain or if it was indeed, fractured. And, it was.

Now because of some snafu, I can’t be seen by my orthopedic doc until Monday!! Meaning my husband has to take off more time to deal with me and my issues. I could just scream right now, yet that won’t do any good. I understand that everyone has a lot going on, but so do we, and we did not need this setback, which makes me feel like such a burden. Now I’m dependent on crutches, I can’t drive, or help anybody in any way and we had a lot of work to do this weekend to get his Mom’s house ready to go on the market. So, there he is, trying to do everything himself…

What message or lesson am I supposed to be getting from this?? How much more can I deal with? Can he deal with? I pray to God that the doctor decides to just stabilize my ankle and go ahead with the knee surgery, that way he kills two bird with one stone. I’m already on worker’s comp for the back injury, now I can’t even do my physical therapy until this ankle is dealt with. Why did I have to go into the living room in the dark? I was cold and wanted to adjust the temperature, turned around to walk off and stepped on the damn doggy chew bone. I wish you could have seen me, I looked like a puppet on a string, one foot rolling one way, my left knee tried to go out so I jerked my body to keep that from happening, then someone cut the strings and I fell to the ground in a heap. It would have been comical to see on video, yet I AM NOT FINDING THE HUMOR IN THIS SITUATION AT ALL!!!

OK, I guess my rant is over, I’m trying to calm myself, I guess if I look on the bright side, I should be able to get lots of writing done since my butt is gonna be IN THE CHAIR all weekend.

I can catch up on my Netflix and Hulu series.

I can finish listening to my Audiobook-Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

I can color in my Adult Coloring book for an entry into Linda Hill’s Escapist Coloring Club. 

Maybe, if I’m very crafty and careful, I can figure out a way to sit and do my Diamond Art…I have to have my foot elevated when sitting, yet because of my sciatica and back injury, even that hurts after a while. Last night, I ended up on the floor and was so happy when it was bedtime. Ugh. I’m a hot mess.

Everyone have a good weekend, be mindful and feel blessed for what you have, it can all change in an instant!