WOD Challenge 2-25-20 Technically, the Year’s Just Started

Technically, the Year’s Just Started

I realized the year’s just started, but time keeps moving fast

Yesterday we celebrated,

Now that day has passed.

Soon it will be my birthday, then that day is gone.

Tomorrow brings another spring

Look up and it’s summer!

Seems like blinking of an eye, it’s Christmas

What a bummer. (Not that it’s Christmas, just that the year is over)

Where does the year go anyway?

Why don’t we cherish every single day?

Before too long, they’ll all run out

We will be gone, without a doubt.

So, realize each day is blessed

Try hard not to waste it

Make each second, minute count

Spend it with your loved ones.

Read, write, cook, and play

Before the days are all gone.


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