WOD Challenge-3-4-20 Lingering Limerence

Nathan Dunlao for Unsplash

Lingering Limerence

What they could not know at the time

Their love for each other was oh so divine

A lingering limerence felt for each other

From whence their hearts could never recover



Word of the Day Challenge

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Word of the Day-10 June 2018

The word of the day according to Cyranny is limerence.

I myself had never heard of this word, so after reading Kristian’s post, I read the definition, which I’m still not sure I understand, yet I will give it a go:

So how do I pen a poem about Limerence

Meaning clearly someone not on the fence

In Love so completely they feel they can’t breath

Obsession causing their chests to heave

Feelings so intense it brings them to tears

Passionate love will endure many years.