WOD Challenge 4-17-20 Right Now

“Right now, it’s your tomorrow” cries Van Halen in the 90’s hit “Right Now!” 

I can’t think of more timely lyrics, this was the second thing that popped in my head after seeing today’s prompt!

Other than that, right now the temperature outside feels fabulous, yet it will be changing throughout the day. Starting out at 68 degrees and we will end up at 55 with rain starting tomorrow. 😦

What are you doing right now to get ahead for tomorrow? Anything? Well, I’m still revising a short story for another competition, but it’s time to “kill my darlings” as they say, because I rushed the ending as usual and I don’t like it. Back to the drawing board, at least I have until June to finish it! I’ve also been shopping lots of my formerly rejected pieces out so say a prayer an editor likes one of them!

Right now I’m sick of all this Coronavirus mess and ready to be able to go and do again, my dogs are shaggy and need the groomer, I’m getting grayer and fatter, so I need to work on myself as well, lol! Maybe not as fat as I am bloated, it’s hard to stay true to my keto diet right now…not because I can’t so much as I need the comfort of a drink or two at night lately, and that is killing my efforts.

Anyhoo, I hope you are all staying safe and well, being productive, and considering paying it forward when you get those stimulus checks! I plan to do my part with mine by supporting local businesses who are really suffering right now!

Happy Friday everyone!

PS: If the video doesn’t play, look up Van Halen’s Right Now on YouTube.


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