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SoCS 3-5-22 Production All Around

Our new Casper mattress.

Good afternoon on this partly coudy, windy March day. 🌞

I have a few things to talk about and some news to share. I will try to work in Linda G Hill’s prompt for SoCS-Stream of Conciousness Saturday:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “way to go.” Use it as a phrase or use it in its literal sense. Enjoy!

Yesterday was a massive day for me production-wise. I washed my car, all the outside windows on the backside of the house, all the kitchen appliances, worked out, and after dinner we played pool which added additional movement, so I closed all my rings on my Apple Watch-way to go me!! That makes maybe three times that I’ve accomplished that goal since I got my watch. That isn’t many, but I’m hoping to start achieving it on a regular basis.

We recently made the decision to make all of the dog’s food, (kibble may be what is causing all of Brandy’s skin allergies) so today we went looking for canning equipment, but decided we needed to do further study on the subject, so we just came home with some ground turkey. And Dave bought us a new Casper mattress, saving us $$$ in the process, so way to go Dave! Its another mattress that comes in a box, you simply unfold and unwrap it and lay it on the bed and it fills to the proper size in just a few minutes. I can hardly wait to get in bed tonite and see how it feels! We had gone a few weekends ago and looked at new mattresses in an actual sleep shop, and they are in the thousands of dollars. We got this one at Sam’s for around $600.

Two of my boys have prospects for new jobs, so way to go Sean and Josh! Wish them luck, won’t you?

I’m off to fold clothes and put the sheets in the dryer so we can make our new bed up with freshly laundered bedding. Mmmm, dream time awaits! Sweet dreams, everyone!


WOD Challenge 4-17-20 Right Now

“Right now, it’s your tomorrow” cries Van Halen in the 90’s hit “Right Now!” 

I can’t think of more timely lyrics, this was the second thing that popped in my head after seeing today’s prompt!

Other than that, right now the temperature outside feels fabulous, yet it will be changing throughout the day. Starting out at 68 degrees and we will end up at 55 with rain starting tomorrow. 😦

What are you doing right now to get ahead for tomorrow? Anything? Well, I’m still revising a short story for another competition, but it’s time to “kill my darlings” as they say, because I rushed the ending as usual and I don’t like it. Back to the drawing board, at least I have until June to finish it! I’ve also been shopping lots of my formerly rejected pieces out so say a prayer an editor likes one of them!

Right now I’m sick of all this Coronavirus mess and ready to be able to go and do again, my dogs are shaggy and need the groomer, I’m getting grayer and fatter, so I need to work on myself as well, lol! Maybe not as fat as I am bloated, it’s hard to stay true to my keto diet right now…not because I can’t so much as I need the comfort of a drink or two at night lately, and that is killing my efforts.

Anyhoo, I hope you are all staying safe and well, being productive, and considering paying it forward when you get those stimulus checks! I plan to do my part with mine by supporting local businesses who are really suffering right now!

Happy Friday everyone!

PS: If the video doesn’t play, look up Van Halen’s Right Now on YouTube.


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WDIIA-What Day is it Anyway? 3-27-20 It’s Friday Again!

Badge courtesy of Maggie at From Cave Walls

It’s Friday Again, believe it or not!

We have survived another week, right now it’s warm and dry. Yesterday began my husband’s day on day off new schedule, so he was home with me, and the dogs were freaking out. They can tell time, I swear, and all day they kept looking at him as if to say, “Daddy, why are you home and what are you doing here?”

To take advantage of the situation, we finished draining the pool, cleaned it and started filling it, a long expensive process-yet it had to be done. We wanted to replaster it, yet that is too expensive right now and anyway, no one is doing that kind of work during the pandemic. We also started tons of yardwork that needs to be done, I felt a sense of accomplishment while at the same time feeling like it was a drop in the bucket of what still needs to be done. I’m not really supposed to be doing it, because of my knee, but I was careful not to squat, yet bending was a must, so my back is tired. I’m not sure I will tackle too much today, there’s always the weekend.

It felt surreal having him home yesterday, I kept thinking it was Saturday, lol. We were tired and hungry when we finished our work, so we cheated and had date night at home by ordering a pizza for pickup and I ate three pieces!! Shocker! This morning I made sure to drink my ACV tea, I do that after a major cheat to “erase” all those carbs I consumed. It must work (if only in my head) because I have maintained my weight through it all. I had been good yesterday up to that point, only eating a Chaffle sandwich for breakfast and a half a green apple for lunch with a dab of peanut butter. Lot’s of water and iced tea too. It was hot and we lost a lot through sweat.

I also had a conversation with my oldest who tends to be a conspiracy theorist, he upset me by claiming there is no virus, it’s all made up and the government’s goal is to have us all vaccinated. What??? Look around you, dude! People are dying from this thing, and I realize it’s small numbers in the big picture, but it is real. Sticking your head in the sand is not going to make it go away. I don’t know, what do I say to him? I can’t prove it is or it isn’t, I can only control my actions and those are to comply with the orders we’ve been given. I also realize people die every day from other causes, other illnesses and none of that seems to have the effect that this virus is having. Only God knows the answers to all of this. So I pray it ends soon, I want life to get back to normal just as much as the next person.

This #WDIIA post is brought to you by Linda Hill to help us figure out what day it is anyway during these increasingly weird times we are facing.


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Laundry and Writing in the Rain

My soggy back yard and cloudy sky

Morning everyone, how are you on this dark and somewhat soggy day? It’s cooler here too today, only 67 right now! Today is a catch-up day, I’ve spent the beginning of the week pretty much taking family where they need to go…so today I’m hoping to get my blog on, write an enthralling story or two, and get a couple of loads of laundry done before noon when Dad and I go to lunch. After lunch we usually get done whatever he needs done and settle in for an afternoon of marathon pool playing, this exercise also gives him practice speaking because we are having him call his shots out loud. Today will be a nice day for that as well. We can open the blinds and not have the sun in our eyes from the neighbor’s cars.

He (my dad) graduated from speech therapy Monday, as she feels he has all the necessary tools in his toolbox, now it’s up to us as his family to make time to talk to him daily in some way, whether it’s face-to-face, or FaceTime on the phone, he needs the practice of speaking. He has Parkinson’s Syndrome which makes his throat muscles tight. There is a lot to it, basically if he thinks to breath before he starts talking, and does some basic warm-up exercises daily, it will keep his voice and the muscles around his vocal chords more relaxed and his voice will not be so strained. The sad news is that it will never change, he will always have to think about speaking before he does it. At least now we all know some techniques to help him.

Claudette, my mother-in-law, had her second, albeit not as strong, round of CHOP chemotherapy yesterday. Say a prayer please that this one does not knock the wind out of her sails as bad as the first one did. She was so weak and felt so bad, the doctor gave her an additional week off before doing this half-strength version he did yesterday. She needs to drink lots of water and eat better to hope to feel better with this round also. Her hair is falling out, luckily we were prepared and she has a darling wig that fits her to a T! I try to do my best to make sure she gets what she needs around the house, and try to take her to her appointments. She is a tough cookie, rarely asking for help and prides herself on being independent.

Say a prayer for both of these fine folks, they mean the world to me and my husband! Enjoy your day no matter the weather, here’s a toast (with my coffee) to today being a productive, exciting day!

Yesterday, I also took my kitty Callie to be spayed. She is doing very well, maybe because she is so young, eating normally and trying to escape the bathroom. They said I needed to keep her there for a few days to keep the dogs from bothering her, she hates being cooped up as she is a people cat. Maybe I will move her to the bedroom for the day so she can at least look out the window.

Callie comfy in the sink the other day.

Oh, it’s sweeps week! What new shows (if you watch TV) are you into? I might have to take a few moments at some point later today to watch This Is Us, the most anticipated of the shows I like. I recorded it last night so I would not miss other new shows I wanted to see like New Amsterdam, NCIS, and the new one-FBI…they were ALL good. I’m also looking forward to the new seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, Survivor, and (don’t hate me here) American Horror Story. I know, I watch waaaaay too much TV, but that’s what I like to do at night. Have a great day!