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I’m Feeling Better! 08-16-21

Hi everyone and happy Monday!

I had my first Airrosti treatment today and it has already made a difference!

For those that have never heard of Airrosti, it’s a fast-track method of relieving different kinds of pain. For me, it has been my right shoulder area to include my neck, trap muscles, and knots under my right shoulder blade.

It is basically manipulation of soft tissues followed by instruction sessions where you’re given specific tools and exercises to help maintain your wellness program at home. A chiropractor assesses your area(s) of pain, and then manipulates the soft tissues to free up knots and tension, and then tells you what to expect from the next step.

I felt so much better after just one treatment that I would highly recommend this method to anyone experiencing chronic pain. He can’t really treat the cause of my pain, that would take therapy, but he can treat the results. Stress and worry, bad posture and little exercise have put me in this position. Now I need to use the tools, do the exercises, ice my injuries, and try to work on my stress level. Easier said than done, but today was a good start.

my lacrosse ball
My peanut.

He introduced me to a lacrosse ball and showed me how to use that, a peanut (basically two of the balls taped together), a hard roller and that tape the athletes wear, kinetic tape. Then he gave me some easy, albeit painful, exercises I must do twice a day. I have to use ice 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off – then on again, 2-3 times a day and drink 8 glasses of water a day.

I go back Thursday for a second session, then one, possibly two more times, and I’ll be finished! The rest is up to me. I need to try to work on my posture, since I am at the computer, or sitting with my iPad, or bent over some Diamond Art most of the time. I need to learn methods to control my stress. Us women tend to carry our stress in our shoulders and upper back. And us writers, may not always have the best posture for long sessions at the keyboard. You guys know it’s true!

The kinetic tape wraps around each shoulder.

Let me tell you, the kinetic tape feels like a warm hug, all day long. I get to wear it for the next three days I believe. It helps me maintain the proper posture while also somehow relaxing my muscles. I had already taken my ashwagandha and steroid for the day, so now I’m feeling kind of Zen. 🙂

If you have pain from any of these things, you should call Airrosti and see if they can help you. They take most insurance plans and yes, the visits are spendy, which is why I’m glad it will most likely take only three. They have clinics in Texas and 4 other states. If there is not a clinic near you, maybe a local chiropractor can do the same things. Good luck, and watch your posture!