WOD Challenge 3-27-20 Let’s Take a Quiz

Let’s take a quiz, class.

Who believes the Coronavirus outbreak is a fake thing, derived by the government to cause chaos and fear? Anyone?

Who believes the Coronavirus is a very real thing and if we don’t all do our part, we will suffer the consequences be it illness, death, or jail time?


The discussion I had with my oldest son really upset me and I can’t get it out of my mind, so I really want to know your thoughts. I realize many people may have the same opinion he does, but what are we to do about it anyway? Whether truth or lies, my only solution is to pray and comply. (within reason) I want this to all be over, for an end to the sickness and death and isolation, and I want to get my Dad to the doctor for the answers to his need for Parkinson’s treatment. We are all hostages until this thing is over, so what good does worry do us? Nothing, that’s what. Just pray and hope the country survives this nightmare soon. (for those who haven’t seen my #WDIIA post, my oldest says it’s all a conspiracy aimed at getting us vaccinated-not sure what the purpose of that supposedly is, but that’s his thought, not mine)


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