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Multiple Prompt Story 9 July 2018

Hey, how is everyone on this lovely Monday morning?

Today I bring you a multiple prompt story from the words supplied by The Haunted Wordsmith and Thriving Not Surviving who supply the WOD prompt and the 3TC prompt. I usually bold the words given in the prompts.

Here is today’s attempt:

A Night at the Louvre

Photo credit: Unsplash

Christy had been looking forward to this trip to the Louvre Museum for three months now. Her fiancé Toby had promised this magical, romantic romp from the day she met him just about and now it was finally time. Packing for tomorrow’s voyage made her feel rejuvenated, sexy, and excited. As she tossed fancy lingerie and expensive perfume, just to make sure the romance part was taken care of, she sneezed as the spray nozzle on the perfume bottle accidently activated, sending perfume into her face. ‘Oh, well’, she laughed at herself, ‘the first kiss will be memorable anyway!’