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3TC Challenge 1 July 2018

Modern Problems

Man, I can’t go a single day without chewing gum, you know what I mean? There’s just certain things that flow better when I’m chewing gum, especially bubble gum, like housework, writing, or driving down the road, listening to my favorite jams.

What’s worse than stepping on gum with your shoe though? Well, one thing would be to open a brand new sleeve of crackers, anticipating that delicious flavor and crunch, only to find them stale. Man, that’s a bummer. Or, what if your favorite store carries every flavor of chewing (bubble) gum except the flavor you love the most?? Gotta hate that, right?

One day, I was driving along, chewing gum and listening to my fabulous music. I pulled into Walmart, opened the car door and stepped smack onto a gooey, sticky, pile of bubble gum. I quit chewing it on the spot.


These statements and observations (not to mention the bad fiction at the end) were brought to you by the 3TC Challenge as decided by The Haunted Wordsmith.