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What Makes Me Happy


Singing, of course! Singing has been making me happy since I was very young, probably around three years old. I used to sing with my Uncle Tony as he played the guitar and sang along.
I love listening to music as well, but singing is my passion. I used to want to be the lead singer 👩‍🎤 of a rock band, in fact, I was for a while, but we never made it to the big time. When I got married, that dream died.

For a while, I sang with the Sweet Adelines and that was fun, but the costumes and traveling became too expensive and so that ended as well. Maybe some day, I’ll go back to it. I’m sure I will find some group to sing with, somewhere, someday. I looked high and low for a picture of me with my group, but since I couldn’t find one, here is an example of a group at competition. I got to attend a competition like that, but never was part of a separate quartet. Go to YouTube for more great examples of this international singing group.


At church, I contemplated singing with the choir, but I didn’t want to leave Dave alone in the pew by himself. Now we can’t even go to church. 🙁 I was in choir in Jr High, til Mom didn’t/couldn’t pay for my costumes anymore.

So, I sing in the car, sing when we are sitting on the patio on warm summer nights, I sing to the music we listen to while we are playing pool. I don’t need fortune or fame, just the act of singing fills my soul. 🤗 I sing karaoke with my friends when they bust out the machine at a party, but I’ve never been brave enough to do it in public.

I guess my closest brush with fame was a small show my band and I did in a field one night. We had some folks show up and I was over my nerves, singing some AC/DC, having the time of my life when the cops showed up and said there were no “open air” concerts allowed in Marshall Fields or wherever the heck we were. We were so bummed, and after that, no one would come to practice anymore, and the band just fell apart. We were all young and had no clue what we were doing anyway. We should have had a plan.

I used to love to challenge myself by singing songs by divas like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Of course, I used to love the singing shows like American Idol, but lately the judges have ruined that show for me. I was raised on country, turned rebel and went to rock when I was 12, but honestly I love all types of music and I’ll sing anything. 🤣 My hubby even gets on to me for singing commercials that get stuck in my brain.

I’ll leave you with one of my favs I never could get just quite right. Vision of Love by Mariah Carey.