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Cruise Snapshots & Stories-Day 4 Roatan, Honduras

Wow! It’s after 11am and I’m just now getting it together to write my blog. My mind has been all over the place today, the cat has been attacking everyone’s souvenirs, and I have been looking for a place to have my new jewelry appraised. (More on that Friday)

Approaching Roatan, palm trees and clear water

I’m ready now though so let’s talk about our fabulous excursion to Roatan! Monday night I believe, we were to choose our excursions for the 3 days from a booklet with 13 pages! So many choices for everything, yet there was a trip for every budget. Kaye and I picked the Tabyana Beach Snorkel and Lunch which has just what the title claims. We were taken for an hour-long bus ride to the very southern tip of Roatan, shown to our guides who set us up with our snorkeling gear, then steered to the beach where we picked out a chair and dropped our stuff to be guarded while we went snorkeling.

Map shows where we went, down to the southernmost tip!

OH, the water was clear and beautiful. I was a 1st time snorkeler, so it took me a second to get the hang of it, but I really surprised myself not panicking when water got in my tube or face mask. I just brought my head up and cleared everything, then went back to observing all the colorful fish and coral the guide K was showing us. (can’t remember how to say his name, only that it started with a K, lol} The first trip out, he swam with us and myself and another first timer held onto a rope behind K. We swam out to a deep spot and I saw fish I’ve never seen before bearing every color of the rainbow! The coral was interesting and sometimes dangerous, so we steered clear of that.

I wish we could have taken pictures, I guess that’s only possible scuba diving. Anyway, we went and chilled on the beach awhile, tasted a yummy drink called a Monkey Lala which tasted like coconut & chocolate heaven in a cup, and then we were treated to lunch and shopping there at the beach site. Later we went back out with K and this time he kayaked out and pulled myself and the guy by a towrope. We went way out to a big rock and saw more fish and Fire Coral and I loved it so much I can’t wait to do it again.

This was Oct 24, Kaye’s birthday, so I hope she was having a blast! We really enjoyed the whole experience and I thought that part of Roatan was gorgeous, however we did pass some rough looking places on the way there and back, lots of poverty in Honduras, so sad. I’m sure they really count on tourism for the economy, yet I wonder if any of that money trickles down to the poor.

Look at that beautiful torquoise water!

The pictures I show now just point out the beautiful changes in color of the water, and the landscape of the area. The people are random. Kaye took a picture of me in front of the welcome sign, I forgot I was wearing my brace but I had to…there was a lot of walking on this cruise!! On the way back to the ship, we visited DI-Diamonds International, where we stopped at all the ports, to pick up our freebies and shop if we wanted to. I took a picture of the locals playing their drums on the way back to board the ship. The ship was so large I had to take a picture of the back and then the front!

There was a zipline over the water, I saw someone doing it when we first docked and that was the last time. Unfortunately, that was not part of our excursion, maybe next time! The area is beautiful with mountains and hills, colorful shops, and homes. I had purchased a small bag on board that came in super handy for the remainder of the cruise.

A travel bag and souvenir from the ship

My freebies were a charm bracelet and the charm for Roatan, which was the snorkeler. I believe I got a tiny pair of Tanzanite stud earrings as well. I got a bracelet from DI Cozumel on my first cruise, so the charms will go on that! I also picked up some vanilla for my dad as well.

Map and shopping guide

The rest of the evening was spent by the pool, hot tub, eating dinner and getting ready for the next day’s excursion, Belize! I was so excited for that because I have always wanted to visit there. My sister had a very good friend that used to live there, so my expectations were high. I did not anticipate what came next. Tune in for tomorrow!