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A New Cover

Happy Wednesday everyone, I hope it’s a beautiful day where you are and you’re gearing up for a long holiday weekend!

Yesterday, we did some shopping in the morning and after lunch, decided to go to the beach 🏖️ while it’s easy to find a spot, before the hordes get here for the Memorial Day festivities.

It was again, calm, clear, and beautiful. One of the things we bought while shopping was a small cover to give us protection from the sun, so we could stay longer. After the puzzle of setting it up, it was just enough room to put our chairs under.

Not a bad deal for thirty bucks!

The new thing here is very expensive and looks like a piece of parachute material that blows out behind your support poles. I think it’s called a Shibumi, or something like that. Anyway, it’s over $200! Somehow, they are very popular now, despite the price. Well, we have a tent cover that my brother is either going to bring when he visits or send it with our friends when they visit. So we didn’t want to spend a lot for a temporary fix. We were in the IGA and I spied this little cover and said, “ I’m getting this!” I tried to buy it with my gift card, but the lady waiting on me tried to say I didn’t have any money left on it, which is a lie. She just didn’t want to be bothered. Still, I’m going to call the number on the card and make sure. I should have around $30 left.

Dave brought a small pole and some gulp bait and he enjoyed fishing out in the calmer ocean while I floated, yes floated, on my boogie board. I wish I’d have had a blow up float, but you work with what you got, right? I have good balance, so I just slide it under my back and float on it when the waves are super calm, like yesterday.

While back at our spot, I took a selfie in my new hat and bathing suit.

You can see some guys behind me playing washers.

I actually got the hat a couple of weeks ago at Ace hardware of all places! Here on the island, Ace is a different place than just hardware. They have a whole section with candles, gifts, tableware and more. It’s like a hardware/gift shop.

While standing in the clear water, I spotted a pretty striped fish swim but, but I didn’t chase it. We were doing that one year when our friends Kerry and Michelle were down and that’s when Kerry was stung by a stingray. I guess he stepped on the thing and the animal fought back. Poor Kerry, Michelle didn’t believe him at first, but he definitely was stung. Anyway, I was leery to go running after the fish after remembering that.

The water was so clear!

Also, the blue water was so close, it felt like you could walk right to it! Yet again, having a healthy respect for the sea, I don’t dare get too far out, fearing sharks will be between the cuts. I’m not as brave as I was when I was younger. 🤣

Here’s a pic of Dave fishing.

You can see the line where the blue water starts.

We had such a nice afternoon out there without a bunch of people around and their conflicting music, and crazy antics. I know, I’m starting to sound like an old lady, but there’s something to be said for peace and personal space and the ability to enjoy it once in a while. Same with the RV parks. We prefer peace and quiet at night, not a bunch of loud, banging music and people screaming and laughing all night long. Yes, we’ve been those people before, but we were in a cottage or condo and never bothered anyone (at least no one ever complained).

Say a prayer that my brother finds a way to come visit us this weekend. Besides bringing items we need, it will be fun to have him here to share our space and get him some much-needed vacation time. Maybe we can go fishing or to the beach and I can show him my progress on the rock tumbling process. Speaking of that, I checked them this morning and I think I’m going to let them spin until Saturday before I move on to Step 3.:

I suppose the hordes will start arriving tomorrow for the long weekend. This park is about 60% full right now, but I bet it fills up by Saturday! We have to make the most of our time before we can’t even move around on the island for all the people! Everyone have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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No Plans – SoCS

It’s a cloudy, muggy day so far and other than watching golf, we have no particular agenda. I guess I’ll tackle Linda G Hill’s SoCS prompt for today: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “stick.” Use it as a noun or a verb; use it any way you’d like. Have fun! HERE are the rules & ping back. Join us if you can.

Maybe I’ll stick around here and work on craft projects like macramé air plant holders for friends that will be visiting later next month. Or make some anklets from macramé and beads.

David fed me donut and half a bacon, egg, and cheese croissant for breakfast, so I definitely need to fit some exercise in somewhere! I wanted to go ride our bikes, yet rain is eminent…so they say. It’s always dicey trying to predict what’s going to happen here on the pond.

Yesterday, we gave fishing another try off the bulkhead, but nothing was biting but the crabs, who ate all our shrimp!

At least the water was gorgeous, the wind kept us moderately cool, and Dave brought the speaker, so we had our jams to listen to. We also saw three massive ships 🚢 sail through.

Looking across the ship channel at Aransas Terminal Company-Harbor Island.

See the edge of the bulkhead in the bottom lower left of the picture? Believe it or not, some guy was surfing the waves that one of the massive ships created! Had I known he was going to be there and do that, I’d have stuck my fishing pole somewhere and taken a video! I couldn’t believe it! Ya really had to be there! People are crazy…or crazy skilled, idk.

After we gave up on the fishing, we drove down the beach, which looked the same as the day before, and there are already tons of people there. All seemed to be flying beautiful kites of all kinds, waving flags or banners announcing different teams or groups, and Jeep after Jeep clubs were lined up all the way down the beach. Guess if we were part of the Jeep community, we’d have known, but at least we don’t have to have Jeep envy! We have one! I have a total of three ducks btw, if anyone cares. 🤣

Just look at all the kites! These two pics are just a small example.

If you expand the picture, you can see them in more detail.

I just came up with an idea, kill two birds and such. I Can make the trek to the Art Center, a place I’d rather visit than Dave, and leave the golf watching to him. 😁 Right after I finish the laundry. 🙄

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Calm Waters

Today was so nice and chill! We went tinto Corpus, which means we crossed the intracoastal waterway, to do some shopping and return something to Amazon.

Going out over the intracoastal waterway.
Coming back to the island over the same water way.

We hit Sam’s Club for coffee, two new bathing suits for me, and two new tank tops to wear while biking. All of the items fit and were a bargain!! No deals like that on the island.I got and orange or melon colored one and another green different than my old one but both tank type suits. I didn’t remember to take a pic, but will try to next time.

Then we checked prices at Academy on fishing poles for surf fishing. No dice. After the return at the UPS store, we hit Specs for more Paloma’s from Cutwater for me and then went to Walmart. There Dave found some decently priced poles, bread, dog food, and beer for Dave. He is laughing that I’m sharing my grocery list. 🤣😂 I know it’s boring, but really, you can’t get anything on the island without paying jacked up prices, so some things are worth the trip to Corpus. Port Aransas counts on vacationers doing lots of impulse buying, but when you spend several months here, it’s just not reasonable. Of course, we’ve gone through plenty of money here already, so I appreciate when he’s willing to travel for the occasional good deal.

The highlight, of course, was going to the beach for a couple of hours and seeing the beautiful water! It was calm, clear, and gorgeous green, blue all the way to the horizon, with very warm, gentle waters.

Look how pretty and calm the water is!
Clear view as well!
Always someone playing with the gulls.
Someone’s pretty kite.
Someone way down the beach parasailing.
Dave by our spot.

He actually walked out into the warm, clear water and you could literally see the fish, and shells through the water.

No fish in this shot, but showing how clear.

After returning home, we showered, fed the dogs and ourselves and settled in to watch the Jeopardy Championship Tournament.

If you’d rather not hear about the daily life stuff, just let me know…I certainly don’t want to bore anyone!

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Beach Time and Stormy Weather

We have had a constant threat of rain and/or storms all week, so I have not ridden my bike again since the other day, but we did sneak in some beach time yesterday.

I had so much fun watching a cute little family next to us playing with the seagulls. Apparently, they’ve never been what on like myself! I’d never encourage a flock of seagulls to fly over me on purpose, but they had a blast.

Goldfish anyone? Whatever they were tossing, the birds loved.
Supposed to be a video, but WP won’t let me download it.

I also took a picture of a man-of-war washed up on the beach.

Don’t touch these guys! They can still sting you!
These little birds are quick! I was lucky to capture him. I’m not sure but it might be a kildee.

Even knowing what’s in the ocean, I still took a run at the waves on my boogie board. It was a battle. I woke up very sore, but that was mostly fighting the waves just to get in position to ride one. I’m no match for the sea! On top of that, I was fighting to keep my bottoms on, lol! I’ve got to get a new suit!

It was cloudy and a little cool, but not bad and the water was great.

Today the clouds were dark and threatening, so we just went back across the ferry into Aransas Pass to shop for groceries.

Sure enough, it poured while we were inside.

When we drove out of Aransas Pass headed for the ferry, it was dry there and at home. No rain at all. Another day not getting to ride. Oh well, I have plenty of time.

I didn’t post pics of myself with my kids like I did on Facebook, so I thought I’d include them here.

Myself and my youngest, Chris, from about ten years ago.

One of my faves and proof he’s a daddy.
Josh with his first daughter, Delaney. She’s about 12 or 13 now. 😌
Josh and I many many years ago. I was so heavy!
Josh being himself. ☺️

As you can see, my weight and hair changes all the time, lol. I couldn’t find my pictures with Sean and I, although I have lots. I even scoured Facebook but they seem to have disappeared.

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Finally Arrived-Happy May Day!

We are finally here at LaFittes’s Hideout RV Resort and I have to say, it’s great to be back in Port A!

We are in the area where the orange dot is.

I haven’t had much of a chance to check the whole place out, but other than a pool, I don’t see much that qualifies as a resort, but that’s ok because all the fun things to do are in Port A itself!! So far, the beach isn’t crowded, a fact that will soon change, so I want to go at least once before the weekend arrives along with thousands of people wanting a piece of Sandy real estate.

I have to apologize if yesterday’s post sounded whiny, or if it sounded like I’m ungrateful for every second we are living this lifestyle. But that place in Aransas pass was just a parking lot basically with hookups. The vehicles packed in so close to each other you had nothing to look at but a wall or another vehicle. I’ve been ready to be here for so long, and now we get three months of fun times ahead, so I’m back to being a happy camper. And I don’t need to spend a ton of money to be happy here. I didn’t take any pictures today, but trust me, they will be coming!

We ran around town today, ate way too much pizza for lunch, and took the doggies for a ride down the beach. The water felt fine when I dipped my feet in for a sec, but in this May wind, unless you’re in it during the heat of the day, I bet you’d get cold. Idk, but I’m willing to check it out tomorrow! 😉 We checked in with the Chamber of Commerce, so friendly, and got maps, tips, and she even gave me a rubber ducky for the Jeep and one to duck a friend! We went to the CBD store and to the bike shop to see about an electric bike for me. We have to check back tomorrow because the owner wasn’t in. From what he had on display, they looked too big for me, but we will see what else he has tomorrow.

I’m slightly bummed because we can’t put our mat out next to the motor home because they don’t want stuff killing the grass, and although each site comes with your own picnic table, I wanted to sit outside in chairs. We’ll work something out, I’m sure. I could be happy just walking the island taking pics of birds, flora and fauna, looking for rocks and shells, and of course, chilling on the beach. Oh, can you believe that somehow we forgot to pack a can of Off? How the heck that got forgotten is beyond me. The mosquitoes here are terrible and I thought we planned for that, but we tore this bus up today and can’t find any. I guess it’s off to the store tomorrow.

One thing I forgot to tell you about yesterday that was on the list of things I got done, was to finish this cute little macrame hanger for my air plant. It was cute on the vase, but I couldn’t keep it from getting in the way, so I put it in the holder and hung it where it will get the proper indirect lighting and possibly some humidity. Right outside the shower next to the sink area!

It’s very simple, but I plan to make bigger, better ones now that I have my bag of assorted wooden rings, oh boy!

My air plant and macrame holder.

I hope you all had a Happy May Day and I’ll check in again tomorrow with some pics from the island! Good night!