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#A to Z Challenge 04-24-21 Vermouth

V=Vermouth “Doing a Vermouth”

While here in America, we are known to “do shots,” in Catalonia, Spain — they “Do a Vermouth.”

The history of vermouth in Spain is not as it’s history in Italy, in Catalonia, they drink their local style straight or on the rocks, or slightly cut with soda.

Their version of vermouth is a sweeter., herb-laden fortified wine, which they serve with a slice of citrus fruit — usually lemon or orange — and an anchovy-stuffed green olive. Both rose` and white vermouth are made in Catalonia, however, the most traditional vermouths are red.

The custom of “doing a vermouth” or fer un vermut is usually something the locals do around lunchtime on the weekends, but Sundays the custom is to drink it after church to wake up the appetite for lunch. They like to enjoy their vermouth with a small snack such as pickles, olives, or potato chips. In parts of Barcelona, specialist vermouth bars have become the place to be seen during the day.

They will know you are an outsider if you are caught ordering a vermouth after sundown, because that’s when locals have moved on to other drinks or meals of choice. Cheers!