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#A to Z Challenge 04-13-21 Lillipad Cafe

L=Lillipad Cafe

All photos courtesy of the Lillipad Cafe

Kangaroo meat, otherwise known as “Gangurru” is the star ingredient of the Lillipad’s signature burger, featuring Indigenous Australian wattleseed. This gives the burger hazelnut-bitter notes, and it’s topped with juicy bush tomato relish and finger-lime mayo.

Courtesy of the Lillipad Cafe-photo credit: Atlas Obscura

This brunch and lunch spot, located in the Glebe Market area of Australia, is owned by Nyoka and Laszio Hrabinsky who are making indigenous “bush tucker” food famous, like gangurru and cinnamon myrtle, Davidson plum, and macadamia nuts.

Nyoka is an ethnobotanist from the indigenous Yidinji nation, who learned how to use these ingredients in her food by observing her elders as a child in her community in Queensland.

Working with native peoples, she documented and preserved their plant knowledge and heritage to eventually bring bush tucker to urban Sydney in the form of burgers and breakfast treats. If you find yourself in Sydney, Australia, have a go at sampling this interesting sounding food and hop on over to the Lillipad Cafe.