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Sunshine Blogger Award

I have been nominated for the sunshine blogger award by The Haunted Wordsmith-Thank you for that!

The Rules:

1.  Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2.  Use the sunshine blotter award logo on your post

3.  Answer the 11 questions the selector asks of you.

4.  Nominate 5 to 11 bloggers you want to give the award to.

5.  Ask the following bloggers that you’ve selected 11 questions of your own.

Questions from The Haunted Wordsmith:

  1.  Which Muppet Sesame Street or Jim Henson character is your favorite and why?

I always liked “Animal” cause he’s wild, and I never  met a drummer I didn’t like.

2.   What is your favorite time of day?

I guess I would have to say morning because that’s when I’m the most alert and productive.

3.   If you were to die today, what would you want for your last meal?

I would want something that I haven’t been able to eat ever since I went Paleo/Keto and that would be sour cream chicken enchiladas,  preferably from Los Vicaros!

4.   If you could spend 24 hours anywhere and anytime where would it be and what would you want to do?

I  would go back to my mom’s last 24 hours on this earth and answer all of her questions and tell her everything I wanted to tell her before she slipped away, especially that I loved her.

5.  Star Trek Star Wars Doctor Who or something else?

Definitely Star Wars, never was a huge Trekky,  don’t even know anything about Dr. Who.

6.   What is your favorite musical ?

My favorite musical is Chicago… no wait,  Moulin Rouge!

7.    If you had to pick a single post written by someone else what would it be and why?

Wow that’s a hard one I’ll have to think on that one for minute.

8.    Do you recycle?

Of course I do! Our city has a program and I strongly believe in it!

9.    If you could relive any moment in your life what would it be?

I would have to say the first time I looked at my first born for the first time.  Well each child is special in his own way there’s nothing like seeing your firstborn for the first time.

10.    If you could create anything what would you create and why?

I would create some kind a machine that would pick up all these Flippin acorns out of my yard and dispose of them because if a machine like that exists I don’t know about it! 🤣

11.   What gift do you want most? What gift would you like to be able to give someone?

I want to gift of long live so I can spend as much time with my husband as possible.  I want to be able to give him the gift of more time to be able to spend however we want it.

As  usual if you have been nominated you are not required to participate… Blogging is all about fun! I hope everyone who reads this post will also check out the blogs and websites of my nominees and the haunted wordsmith.

My nominations are:

Merling Muse

Does It Count If My Fingers Were Crossed

Jina S Bazzar

Thriving Not Surviving

The Oily Guru

Here are my questions:

  1. Who is your favorite author and why?
  2. What do you do when you need inspiration (to write)?
  3. Are you scared of storms?
  4. Where is your favorite spot to vacation?
  5. What’s your secret talent?
  6. Do you remember how old you were when you learned to tie your shoes?
  7. Have you ever won an award for sports? What sport(s)?
  8. What do you do with extra time off of work?
  9. How old were you when you got married?
  10. Do you garden? Why or why not?
  11. Are you wanting a healthy alternative to your current diet?

See that last one was sneaky, right?

Ok, everyone, have fun!



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